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A Quick Buck: A Mafia Daddy Romance ~ K.L. Hiers

Holy. Shit! That's pretty much my entire impression of this book. I’m pretty sure my mouth was hanging on the floor during many scenes, and I enjoyed every second of it.

“If you behave yourself, Daddy will give you whatever you want.”

Noah’s uncle has done something bad, and Alistair wants to kidnap Noah as vengeance. Noah is a brat and doesn’t comply, so Alistair starts spanking him so he complies. Alistair keeps punishing Noah, and it turns out that Noah is really into that, and he and Alistair start a relationship where Alistair is Noah’s daddy, and he teaches a lot of things to Noah.

First, I read a lot of daddy kink books and I really enjoy brats in them. And Noah definitely was a brat, he was probably one of the brattiest character I have ever read. But his character really worked for me, but mostly I just really enjoyed how Alistair handled him and tamed the brat in Noah. I really enjoyed seeing Noah's character progression in the book, it really worked for me. I also really enjoyed how Alistair was as a dom and how he did everything he could to teach some discipline to Noah. Alistair was such a good daddy and I loved how he wanted Noah to follow rules so that Noah would have a life he enjoyed more, he really worked for me. Noah wasn’t the nicest person ever at the start of the book so I loved how Alistair taught him how to be a nicer human. I liked how the daddy kink part of the book was about the sex scenes but also about Alistair mentoring Noah and teaching him things, that worked so well for me.

Second, I loved how the daddy kink was done in this book, so much. Alistair was what I always love in a daddy, flawed enough that he feels realistic and super strong and caring. I loved how commanding he was and how he always took care of his boy. I loved how everything he did was to make Noah feel better and to make sure that Noah had a life he enjoyed, that really worked for me. Also I loved how protective of Noah Alistair was, Alistair was often defending Noah to anyone who dared say something bad about him and that worked for me.

“You know I’m not gonna behave all the time. I’m probably gonna keep on bein’ a big ol’ pain in your ass for, like, ever.”
“Oh, I know, dear Noah.”
“In fact, I’m counting on it.”

Third, I really enjoyed how this book was done. I liked how much of the romance there was and how the relationship was super present, but it was also cut by an investigation side plot that I really enjoyed. I liked how it wasn’t too predictable and it was a lot of fun to read. I am not the biggest fan of longer books (this book is 500 pages) because I don't have a good attention span, but the way this one was done really worked for me. The fact that we had the romance and the investigation side plot to explore made the book a lot of fun to read.

Side note, I love violence in books and the violence in this book really worked for me, I really enjoyed reading it.

Fourth, I really want to talk about the sex scenes of this book because oh my god. They were some of the best sex scenes I have ever read in a book. I’m pretty much I could have melted while reading this book, it was so hot. I just cannot put words on how hot this book was, these sex scenes just really worked for me.

Fifth, as I mentioned, I really loved this book. I just didn't enjoy how it ended. The ending wasn't really satisfying for me and it wasn't romantic enough for my taste. But that's the one thing I didn't really like about the book, so it didn't really affect my opinion of the book, I still adored it, I just wasn't the biggest fan of the ending.

This is a book that I see myself going back to re-read some scenes a lot and I absolutely loved reading this book.

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