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Ben's Boss (Maine Men #2) ~ K.C. Wells

Ben's Boss by KC Wells is book two in the Maine Men series. I absolutely adored Finn and Joel's journey in Finn's Fantasy; however, I was both eager and hesitant to read Ben's story. Bully romance is generally a trope I avoid, I have too much life experience with this particular behaviour. Still, Finn's Fantasy set the feeling of the books as reasonably low key, low angst, so I thought I’d give it a go.

I'm glad I did. This isn't really a bully romance. Yes, Ben was bullied by the other main character, Wade, but there is no 'live review', it is mentioned, but there are no real flashbacks or detailed scenes. It also helps that Wade is such a lovely character. His reasoning for bullying is sound; not excusable, but understandable in a twisted way, and there is plenty of evidence that similar cases actually happen in real life. However, he is completely remorseful and so ashamed of his behaviour, determined to make it up; however, he can, to Ben.

Although I was happy that Ben's mistrust and dislike of Wade weren't stretched out, the book was also very slow burn. Throughout the book, there were many opportunities for Ben and Wade's relationship to move from grudging co-workers, to friends, to lovers. Still, that final leap to lovers took forever. It seemed that the author spent more time on Ben's relationship with Wade's mother, Mary, and his Gramps than Wade himself. Although Mary and Gramps were great characters, I would have enjoyed the focus be on Wade a bit more. But that's a small criticism.

Overall, the story was well written and engaging. Ben and Wade were lovely characters, and I was so happy to revisit Finn and Joel, who played a large part in the story. Of course, it was also great to catch up with the others and try and find the little hints the author is placing down for each of their stories.

The next book is Seb’s, who was largely absent from this story. It will be interesting to see what he was up to looking after his uncle's fishing business for the summer.

Ben's Boss was a great addition to the Maine Men series, and while I didn't enjoy it quite as much as book 1, Finn's Fantasy, it was still an excellent read. Wade really is a gorgeous character, and both he and Ben suited each other beautifully. Although their relationship took a while to actually happen, it was lovely to watch it unfold when it did.

Ben's Boss is low angst, relaxing, funny, and romantic. I'd suggest it for anyone who is looking for something lighter but engaging to read. Highly recommended!

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