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Beyond the Sea ~ Keira Andrews, Narrated ~ Greg Boudreaux

Updated: Mar 20, 2021

This story is more than just a romance, it is a story of survival. Troy and Brian each have their own tragedies in their past, both are damaged and need solace. But this book is extremely slow burn. Troy and Brian save each other in the crash and move from acquaintances to friends to lovers. It is as friends that they remain for a large section of this book, it is their survival that takes precedence for much of the story; their feelings slowly developing for each other. The fact that they both previously identified as straight means that there are a lot of 'what the hell' moments, and this only makes the story feel more natural. Would either of them explored their bisexuality without the intense circumstances they find themselves in? Who knows. But the experience shapes them, permanently, and what results is a beautiful slow dual bi-awakening. This book is emotional, and certain scenes brought tears to my eyes, but it is also a light book, there are many funny moments and laughter in the snarky banter between Troy and Brian. I read and listened to this book using the Kindle Whispersync feature. The narrator, Greg Boudreaux (Tremblay), did an amazing job with these characters and bringing the full rollercoaster of emotions to life. This narration made Greg Boudreux an instant buy for me. I'd highly recommend either the reading or audio version, or like me enjoy both at the same time. Either way, this book is not to be missed!

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