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Bishop (True Lovers #1) ~ A.E. Via

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Bishop by A.E. Via is a character driven story centred around the unlikely match of the illiterate ex-gang member and ex-con, Bishop, and the highly intellectual but socially self-conscious and insecure in himself, Edison. Somehow, these unlikely souls are the perfect complement to each other and so a passionate and intensely romantic story is born.

This book is extremely long at around 475 pages. On first glance, for a story that does not involve a sub-plot such as a suspense theme, action sequences etc it seems like it’s overkill. Honestly, at first I thought this book needs a good editor to cut it.

However, my opinion slowly changed, and by the end I tried to think what I would cut, and if I was being truly ruthless I could cut a scene or two, but that would have only decreased the total count by a few pages. It was fantastic, just as it was!

I love an intense and emotional story that doesn’t involve copious amounts of angst, simply for angst’s sake. There needs to be drama, or the story gets a bit monotonous, but there is nothing gratuitous here. Every little bit of angst has a very logical reason behind it stemming from embarrassment or insecurity, and it’s quickly resolved. This book fit the bill for me.

This book has been described as extremely slow burn, and as far as actual sex goes it is, as Bishop and Edison don’t go all the way until about 95%. However, this book is extremely romantic and sensual, and there are many passionate and steamy scenes. I wouldn’t actually describe this book as slow burn, Bishop and Edison form a relationship early in the book and there is more than enough sensual romance and passion to satisfy me, even if the ultimate act didn’t happen until near the end of the book.

Apart from Bishop and Edison, who were genuinely loveable characters, the surrounding cast were also well developed. Although the overall cast was relatively small, each character had their own unique role and personality. There were no cardboard cut-outs here.

I particularly enjoyed Trent’s introduction and I look forward to exploring him further in the second book Wood. Similarly, the elusive character of Wood, as Bishop’s cell mate in prison, is introduced and it is stated that he is about to be released. The little information we have about him makes him an intriguing character, but I already get the sense that I’m going to like him. I think it will be interesting to see him interact with Trent, and I wonder how (and if) he will manage to quieten the hot-headed Trent and bring out his softer qualities, which are already evident, if well hidden, in this book.

If anyone is discouraged by the size of this book, I highly recommend you just jump in and give it a go. It honestly didn’t feel like a big book. I was so immersed in the story, so invested in the characters, that the pages just flew.

I’d highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a character driven story, with more than enough romance and passion to make the pages (or your ereader) steam.

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