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Brother ~ Marina Vivancos

Holy. Shit.

Look, let’s be honest here. I love this author and I always read her newest books when they come out. But this is not why I’m here in the first place. This book is about twin brothers. And I’m a massive fan of anything taboo, you just tell me that a book is taboo and I’ll read it, I don’t even need to know anything else about a book. But this is one of the most enjoyable taboo stories I have read in a while. Safe to say that I have read many of them, but it’s not often that I really enjoy everything about them like I enjoyed every aspects of this one.

Brief Summary Nathan has always been super close to his twin brother, Simon. But Nathan had fallen in love with him so he decides to distance himself, thinking that Simon doesn’t want him. But turns out that they are both in love with each and they decide to be together.

He’d felt so guilty for so long. So wrong. But now. Now he got to look at his brother the same way he’d done as a kid—with an uncomplicated kind of love that shone through him. Okay. Maybe not exactly as he had as a kid.

I really enjoy taboo stories that have a part of angst because of the fact that they know that they shouldn’t be together, but that are also super sweet and very romantic. And it was the case of this one, which really worked for me. I thought that this one achieved a really good balance between the angst about the fact that they shouldn’t be together and the love that they felt for each other. Also, my favourite part of stories about twins is when the book keeps telling you how much alike each other they are, I feel like it just enhances the taboo portion of the book and I loved how this one did that, a lot. My favourite thing in books is pining. I just love a good long and grueling pining. And there was so much pining in this book and it really worked for me. I just loved reading about them pining for each other. And the pining made it so rewarding when they finally got together and got everything that they had wished for.

“Who the fuck do you think you belong to if not me?”

These two were so cute together. I loved how they always made place for each other and how they always checked on each other to make sure that they other was alright. I just really enjoyed reading how much Simon and Nathan cared for each other and how they were ready to do everything for each other. I’m absolutely weak for super possessive main characters who just wants their partners all to themselves, and it was the case for both characters in this story and I just loved that. This story was very possessive and I absolutely adored that, so so much.

“I want you to never look at anybody else, never think of anybody else like this. Want you to know every single second of every single day that you’re mine. That nobody can ever fucking touch you the way I do.”

The sex scenes in this book. Wow. Just wow. I don’t have words to describe how hot they were. They just took my breath away because damn, they were absolutely perfect and everything I wanted them to be. My one thing about this book is just that it’s way too short for me. If this book was a full length story it probably would have been one of my favourite books of the year. I just enjoyed everything about this book so much and I wanted more, so much more. I absolutely adored this one. This was everything I wanted it to be and I just appreciated it, a lot. This book was just the exact kind of taboo morsel I wanted to read and I had the best of time reading this one.

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