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Bully For Sale (a Heat For Sale novel) ~ Leta Blake

Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Leta Blake's Bully For Sale is set in a non-shifter omegaverse where omegas have very few rights, treated almost as property. However, some alphas don't agree and see their omegas as equals, and this mindset has alphas, omegas, and betas fighting for change. Bully For Sale is all about power, perceived and actual. At its core, it is Ned and Ezer who need to discover their own individual power and ultimately understand that they are stronger together.


The Story:

Bullied and outcast, Ezer has seen firsthand the cruelties of the world. He knows what’s expected from his kind—timid compliance and submission to his “betters.” But Ezer isn’t one to roll over and conform to the role society has forced upon him.

Despite his defiant nature, Ezer is coerced into partnering with a man of his father’s choosing. One his father promises will love and care for him for the rest of his life.

A night of nameless and faceless passion later, Ezer is horrified to find himself bound to Ned, a bully who has done so much to make his life hell. Ezer’s determined to hate Ned but he can’t help the way his body craves his touch.

Ned is young, privileged, and hopelessly in love with Ezer. Too bad his pack of so-called “friends” have targeted Ezer for torment. Ned has a lot of regrets, but none greater than his role in Ezer’s misery. When Ned’s offered the contract of a lifetime, he sees it as the only way forward with the man he loves.

The dual biological drives of heat and its aftermath might be all that’s keeping them close now, but Ned is determined to prove he’s worthy of Ezer’s love.

While Ezer is just as determined not to fall for his bully.


In the beginning, I wondered how I could even like, never mind respect, Ned. How could he witness, even participate to some extent, in Ezer's torment? Especially once we see how much he cared for Ezra from his point of view.

Although Ned wasn't mean, and he wasn't evil, he was weak and a coward. That alone made me wonder if he could be good enough for Ezer. Ezer isn't perfect either; he's stubborn and determined to see Ned only as a coward, refusing to acknowledge that he's growing into himself.

This book has a lot of character development for both Ned and Ezer. Both have a lot of emotional growth to work through; after all, they are still teenagers, but the circumstances force them to mature more quickly.

If any author could possibly turn these characters around, it would be Leta Blake. In Bully For Sale, we witness the ups and many downs of Ezer and Ned's relationship and the roadblocks they seem to run into at every turn. The characters are so sympathetically drawn you can't help but hope they get their 'happily ever after'. Even if you want to smack them up the back of the head sometimes in frustration!

Although Bully For Sale is closely linked to the previous book Heat For Sale, it can be read as a standalone. There is enough background information on the reoccurring characters from the first book to perfectly understand what is happening in Bully For Sale, although be warned, it may make you want to go back and read the first book!!

Leta Blake has done an excellent job with Bully For Sale. It is an angsty read; it couldn't be anything else, but taking the journey of Ned and Ezer struggling towards their hard-won happy future is rewarding.

If you enjoy a tear or two, lots of smiles, groans of frustration, and an evil cackle when the bad guy gets his comeuppance, you’ll love Bully For Sale.

Bully For Sale is available as an ebook from Amazon US ǀ AUS ǀ UK

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