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Clueless Romeo (Guys Next Door #3) ~ Baylin Crow

The Story:

Roman—I'm not your typical matchmaker. For one, I'm a man who's covered in tattoos.

Despite my appearance, there's a reason ninety-five percent of my clients seek out my services based on referrals. I'm good at what I do. But lately I've grown bored with the same daily routine.Then an unexpected request piques my interest.

CJ, the former college basketball star who recently rented the office suite next to mine, isn't looking to place a ring on someone's finger any time soon. He's interested in something else entirely. It's a challenge. Something new.

He wants to date casually and explore his curiosity in other men—but that's not my end goal. I specialize in forevers, and I'm determined to find him the perfect guy.There's an unforeseen problem with my plan. After spending time with him, I find myself a little curious too. I've never been with a man. I've never been annoyed to see my strategy working. And I've never deliberately set a client up for failure.

Clueless Romeo is the third in Baylin Crow’s Guys Next Door series. It can be read as a standalone, as while I have the first book, Stripped Love, sitting in my TBR, I haven’t read any others in the series.

This was another lovely book by this author. Roman was undoubtedly my favourite character. I have a soft spot for bi-awakening books, and I loved how cool and laid back Roman was about it all. From the beginning, his interactions with CJ were not how you’d typically expect a straight guy to interact with another man. It was like on some level, he understood that CJ was going to mean something to him, and he wanted to make sure of their friendship.

While CJ already wanted to explore his attraction to men, Roman thought he was straight. Once Roman recognised that his feelings for CJ were romantic/sexual, he acted very quickly. Some would say too quickly, but I put this down to his generally easygoing nature, and he just went with it. His betrayal of CJ at the first test of their relationship was disappointing but understandable, and I was happy to see CJ make him work for his forgiveness. I love a good grovel!

Clueless Romeo is a low angst, relaxing and often funny read. I'm looking forward to starting the series from the beginning, but it can be enjoyed on its own.

Clueless Romeo is available as an ebook or via a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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