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Code Blue (Atrous #2) ~ N.R. Walker

Code Blue is the gorgeous sequel to the stand out hit Code Red. Code Blue takes place a few years after the events of Code Red, where after a long break, the boys have once again toured internationally and are now back home, getting ready to release a new album, with all the press and media responsibilities that entails.

Code Blue is told from the chief of security, Steve's perspective. Steve has been drawn to Jeremy for years but never acted on his attraction since he believed Jeremy was straight. It is not until Jeremy starts to struggle with both his physical and mental health that Jeremy starts questioning his sexuality, as closer contact with Steve results in feelings emerging.

Like with Code Red, Code Blue examines the pressure of celebrity upon those in the spotlight. That someone's identity can be tied up in what the public expects and that the resulting stress can have a negative effect, and in Jeremy's case, it is his physical health that is put at risk.

One of my favourite things about N.R. Walker's writing is her characters. They are always so wonderfully human: genuinely likeable characters, but flawed, and it is those flaws that allow the reader to identify with them on an emotional level, making reading an immersive process.

I'm always enthralled by N.R. Walkers' writing style. The words flow from page to page, whisking you away into whatever world is at the centre of the story. It is so easy for an hour or more to pass unnoticed as I am absorbed by the characters and the story.

Steve and Jeremy's story is equal parts emotional and frustrating, with both of them doubting each other and themselves, but at the story's core is a deep love and attraction that neither of them can ignore. Although, fair warning, I felt like reaching through the page and bumping their heads together a time or two! Their interactions with each other and the other members of the cast and management team are so engaging that you become entirely invested in a positive outcome not just for Steve and Jeremy but everyone.

Code Blue is an emotional rollercoaster of a story that will break your heart and then put it back together. It is a story filled with humour, the love of a found family, and all the romance your heart could possibly want, in addition to a good dose of steam. Code Blue was an effortless reading experience. I was enraptured from the first page, and that feeling didn't cease until well after the last page was turned.

Code Blue is a story of celebrity where sometimes the choice has to be made between health and happiness, and public expectations. Thankfully, our boys choose health, happiness, love, and togetherness, leading to a glorious Happily Ever After.

Code Blue is available in ebook with audio coming soon.

Code Red is available in ebook and/or audio

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