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Counterpoint (In Vino Veritas #2) ~ J.E. Birk

J.E. Birk is a new to me author. This was my first book by this author and I’m glad it was. I feel like this book was a very good introduction to the author and their work and it just made me want to read more of their work. So, I want to thank this series for introducing me to a new author and for making me want to read more of their books. Therefore, I always want to read multi-author series and this series really delivered on that front for me.

Brief Summary

Jeremy is what could be considered a playboy and he doesn't really want to settle down. He hooks up with his best friend's brother, Aaron. They end up working together and having to spend a lot of time together and they fall in love in the process.

”He makes me more than I could ever be without him.”

One of my favourite thing to read about is a good forbidden romance. I especially adore the best friend's brother trope. So I was really excited to read this one because of this trope. And I was happy to see how important to the book this trope was. I like how it was a central focus of the book. I liked how it was a reason for them not to be together but they couldn't ignore the connection that they have. I always love reading about characters who are forbidden to date each other and who really try not to, but who end up being so into each other that just cannot deny their attraction to each other. It was the case in this book and I really enjoyed reading all about it. This just made the book so much more enjoyable to me and it was just so entertaining to me.

I also always adore a good opposite attracts in books and I just really enjoyed how it was done in this book. I loved how Aaron and Jeremy were very different from each other but they both loved that about each other. I liked how them being different from each other wasn't an issue but a strength that they used to their advantage to show each other new things and new life experiences that they never would have experienced before meeting each other. Jeremy is the easy-going guy who is always ready for anything and Aaron is the more nerdy guy who doesn't really like to socialize and who likes to plan everything. But they complimented each other very well and they were a wonderful couple. I really liked how their differences just made them together for each other and how it showed that they were made to be together.

“You are the most extra human being alive sometimes; you know that?” He sighs into my skin happily. “And please don’t ever try to be anything else”

Another thing that I just adore reading about in books is some good emotionally heavy moments and it was the case in this book. It had some very emotional moments that just really got to me and just enhanced the reading experience for me. I really liked the vibe of this book, I liked how it had its emotional moments but how it was also full of much lighter moments that made me laugh while I was reading the book, it was a perfect mix of everything and it made for a super enjoyable reading experience.

Also, I really enjoyed the romance in this book. It was super sweet and had so many cute moments that made my heart melt. I always love reading about a super sweet romance and this one really worked for me.

Sadly, as much as this book had so many moments that I loved and so many super cute relationship moments that I just adored, I had a lot of issues connecting to this book as much as I wanted to. But I still had a super good time reading it, even if sometimes it just didn't connect with me as much as I hoped it did.

This book was a really lovely introduction to the author for me and I'm really glad I had it, it really made me want to read more of this author's books, so I would like to thank this series for the introduction.

Counterpoint is available as an ebook and/or in audio from Amazon US ǀ AUS ǀ UK

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