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Dearest Malachi Keogh (Dearest Milton James #1.5) ~ N.R. Walker

Dearest Malachi Keogh is a short story that acts as an extended epilogue to the previously released book, Dearest Milton James. It is essential to read Dearest Milton James first as this story just takes off from where Milton James ends with very little explanation or backstory.

A full review for Dearest Milton James can be found here. It's such a beautiful story that it's not a hardship to have to read it first!

There is not a lot that can be said about Dearest Malachi Keogh without giving away the story. Set again in the Dead Letter Office (oops, sorry Julian! *ahem* the Mail Recovery Centre), it features the quirky characters we came to love in Milton James.

Dearest Malachi Keogh is the perfect Christmas story. It is sweet but with heartfelt emotion, funny, and very romantic (with a touch of steam). Once again, N.R. Walkers’ characters feel so alive they jump off the page and straight into your heart.

Dearest Malachi Keogh will not disappoint, but please make sure you read Dearest Milton James first. This was my first Christmas story for 2021; what a way to start!

Highly, highly recommended!!

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