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Demons Do It Better (Hidden Species #1) ~ Louisa Masters. Narration ~ Joel Leslie

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Demons Do It Better is the first book in Louisa Masters' Hidden Species series. The series is now complete and all books now have an audio version too (all Whispersync'd). Despite my having her books in my TBR for ages, this is the first time I have read/listened to her work.

Using the magic of Whispersync I was able to enjoy both the talented writing and narration of this story. I really, really, really enjoyed it. Joel Leslie did an amazing job with the voices and really made the story and the characters come alive.

This story went in so many directions, seemingly not connected, until they were. Without any spoilers at all, I didn't see one such direction happening and I wonder if this scenario will be dealt with in later books.

I loved the entire cast in this one. Often (but not always) the paranormal characters are the more strait-laced side of the casting equation. Usually their advanced age (and living in many eras) gives them an air of dignity and wisdom, which doesn't let them play the clown. Not here!! I don't think I've come across such an eclectic mix of personalities. There is the very serious (although often playful) character, Gideon, ranging to the utter goofball, Alistair. In between is a range of personalities, but they all have wicked senses of humour, and I'm really looking forward to exploring them all in more detail in the other books.

I was the twinkiest twink that ever did twink, until it became too much effort.

Joel Leslie demonstrated his vocal talents in this one. Not only did each character have an extremely unique voice, including the female cast members (which often seems more difficult for a male narrator), but in most scenes there were multiple cast members, often talking very closely together. The sound of him flipping from voice to voice, including different accents, is pure art and talent. Not to mention his comedic timing, which made an already funny script, hilarious!

Reincarnated because you miss shitting? Sure, why not?

My only critique was the romance side of things. I wish there was a bit more communication between Sam and Gideon. There were a lot of holes where you just had to fill in the blanks. Their interactions go from a hot hookup, to Gideon treating Sam like shit when he finds out Sam is now working at CSG; to Gideon suddenly becoming protective of Sam when he joins his team.

Their romance builds up from there, and you can see it happening, I just would have liked them to talk a bit more. It went from he hates me/I hate him but I want him; to sort of friends; to a hookup and both wanting to continue; to everlasting love, possession and obsession. The evolution was great, it worked, but it seemed to happen in complete silence! A few conversations where they talked about their relationship (especially at the point that Gideon gets the huffs and Sam is left to work it out with the help of the rest of the team) would have made this a 'not enough stars' book!

Can of worms, open.

However, despite the above (and that was my only cause for a grumble), the story was amazing! There were so many things going on and I would never have guessed the big surprise (no spoilers) and I'll admit I got a bit teary at one point. I'm so looking forward to the rest of the series!

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