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Diversion (Dollhouse #2) ~ Albany Walker

Damn did I love this book. This book was just so great, and the perfect book for me. God did this book hit all of my soft spots. I have no words to explain that this book was just the book for me.

Brief summary Hudson and Posey grew up in the same neighbourhood and Hudson has been obsessed with Posey for years. But he didn’t want to claim her because she was too young for him (she was 16 and he was 24), so he distanced himself from her. But now they are older, and Hudson decides to make her his.

My favourite type of main characters in books are the super obsessed, stalkerish, possessive and kind of controlling ones who would do everything to get the person they want and to make sure that that person they love has a good life and Hudson was like that, so I adored his character because of that. I had such much fun reading about Hudson and how obsessed with Posey he was, that just really worked for me. I absolutely love a good stalker romance and I absolutely adored all of the chapters from Hudson’s point of view. He was always stalking Posey and I loved reading all of his schemes to stalk her. And I absolutely enjoyed how he had just laid a claim on her and decided to do everything to protect her, at all costs, that was so lovely to read about for me.

“Apparently, I haven’t made myself clear, because if I had, you would already know you mean everything to me. You’re mine in every way, and I belong to you and only you, without question.”

I also adored Posey. She was such a strong character and I liked that even if she liked Hudson’s way of doing things, she never let him get away with things that she didn’t enjoy. I liked how she kept fighting to get her way and for him to treat her as she deserves. Posey was the kind of character that I would just love to have as a friend, she was so sweet and so damn nice. I just loved her so much. Damn was this one hot. I just really enjoyed the sex scenes in this book. I thought that they were absolutely lovely, but they also really fit the characters and their story. I really loved the sex scenes in this one, so much.

"Anyone who touches what’s mine dies. "

I cannot put words to how much I loved how possessive this book was. I just was swooning so many times due to how possessive of each other these characters were. Also, I just adored how happy the characters were when the other was possessive of them, that was just so lovely to me.

This book just hit all of my spots when it comes to book and I had the best time reading this one.

Diversion is available in ebook or paperback, and it is also available via a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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