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Dragon's Mate (Irresistible Dragons #1) ~ Nora Phoenix

The Story:

One dragon. One wolf. Two alphas. Surely Fate must’ve messed up.

After spending the last two hundred years locked up in the family castle with his three younger brothers, Erwan is climbing the walls. Literally. He’s a dragon who isn’t allowed to fly, forbidden to use his magic, all to stay hidden from the rest of the world. How will he ever find his mate like this?

But when he finds an injured omega in the woods around the castle and brings him home, the spell that kept them hidden is broken. Erwan wants their dragon clan to re-enter the world, but his father is dead set against it.

When wolf pack alpha, Rhene, comes a-knocking to demand the omega back, Erwan is shocked by what Fate whispers in his ear. Then again, the same is true for Rhene. Neither one of them imagined their mate quite like this.

Two alphas? A dragon and a wolf? A man whose patience has been stretched thin already and one hothead? Uh oh. At least it makes for some highly combustible sparks.

Soon, they discover they have bigger problems. Others have felt the dragons’ magic stir again as well…

Dragon's Mate is the first in a new series, Irresistible Dragons. It is a spin-off from the Irresistible Omegas series, but it is not necessary to have read that one to enjoy Dragon's Mate.

The world of Irresistible Dragons is heavy with magic and mystery. Dragon's Mate is the beginning of an intriguing story arch that will continue throughout the series. Although the story continues throughout the series, Erwan and Rhene, the main characters of Dragon’s Mate, have a very satisfactory HFN, and I am looking forward to them appearing in the following books.

Nora Phoenix's writing and storytelling are captivating from the beginning, capturing Erwan’s (and his brothers') innocence regarding the world around them. They have been trapped for two hundred years within the castle walls, and it shows in their speech, mannerisms, and general outlook. Meanwhile, Rhene, while not precisely cynical, is certainly life experienced, and he and Erwan balance each other out. Erwan gives Rhene a fresh outlook, and Rhene gives Erwan a more experienced point of view.

It was almost impossible not to immediately fall in love with Erwan and Rhene. They are beautifully crafted, faults and all. Their relationship was wonderful to watch unfold, and they were gorgeous together. I’m especially looking forward to Erwan discovering his potential.

The mystery kept me guessing – who, what, and most importantly, WHY? As the story unfolded, there were even more questions, and I’m looking forward to the answers in future books. This part of the story line kept me engaged until the end, with a few answers revealed to keep frustration at bay but more than enough questions to make me want to continue reading the series for answers.

I was enthralled by this book, and I’m really looking forward to the next one. Erwan and Rhene were both fantastic characters and genuinely likeable men. In fact, the story introduced a range of characters, both new and from the previous series, that I can’t wait to meet again. Overall, Dragon’s Mate was a wonderful reading experience, and I highly recommend it.

Dragon's Mate is available as ebook from Amazon.

Don't have Kindle Unlimited? Check it out here.

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