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Dylan's Dilemma (Maine Men #4) ~ K.C. Wells

This book really got to me and has instantly become my favourite book in this series.

While I have enjoyed the other books in this series a fair bit and knew I probably would like this one too, I was taken by surprise by how much I enjoyed this book. I had the best time reading this. It was a sweet book that didn't have much angst but still had a conflict, which is my favourite type of book, and it was a perfect take on that type of book. It offered me everything I want in a book, and I loved it.

Dylan has fantasized about being with a man, but he hasn’t experienced what it’s like being with a man yet. However, he is absolutely obsessed with a porn star named Mark and watches all his videos. Dylan works in a hotel and Mark goes there to film a video. They get to talking to each other, become good friends and then they fall in love.

“You really think I could walk away from what we have?”

First, these two were such a good couple. I absolutely loved them together. I loved their acceptance of each other. I loved how they did everything to reassure each other when the situation called for it. I loved how they were always there for each other. I loved how they took care of each other. I loved how Mark was always observing Dylan and could tell when something was wrong. To be fair, I loved everything about them together.

Second, the sexual exploration in this book was so good. I always love a good sexual exploration in books, and this one was perfect for me. I loved seeing how Dylan wanted to try to be with a man, but he was scared to. I loved seeing him come out of his shell and decide that he's ready to explore. The entire process was so good and very realistic. Also, the sex scenes were very hot, and I enjoyed them very much. I loved how they showed Dylan exploring many things, including different kinks, to see what he was into. Also, I loved how Mark never forced Dylan to come out and let him do it when he was ready. He was such a good cheering squad. I really loved how Dylan came to terms with his sexuality on his own terms. This was a lovely depiction of sexual exploration, and I adored it.

Also, side note, I really loved how the sex scenes were done, they were great, and they felt realistic because they were laced with the kind of worries one gets when trying new things in bed, which worked so well for me since it was Dylan’s first time exploring those things.

Third, their communication was just so good. I loved how they talked about everything and made sure that when it was time to come up with a solution to any issue, they did it together. I loved that when they fought about something, they didn’t just leave each other, they talked about the situation until they both were happy again and that was it. It was so good and their way of solving conflicts was lovely to me.

“I love you, Dylan Martin. I love your sense of humor, your quirks, your kinks—all of them."

Fourth, my favourite type of books are the sweet lower angst books, but they still have conflict and this one was exactly that. It was sweet but never too sweet for me and I like how there was conflict, but it never took over the sweet plot. The mix of everything worked so well for me, this book was a perfect combination of everything I love in a book.

Fifth, I loved how Dylan had a family he was estranged from and that it shown that they were manipulative. I loved how Mark having a family who didn't accept him was shown. I liked that it was shown in a realistic manner and that they didn't just randomly forgive their families for no reason at some point. I liked that the book showed that sometimes it doesn't work out with your family and that they just won't accept you, no matter what you do. These were some of the most realistic portrayals of a family that didn't really accept their kid that I have ever seen in a book, and I adored it. I really appreciated how every side character in this book was very fleshed out and had motives and reasons to act the way they did, the characters were done in such a good way, and I really appreciated it.

I’m very excited for the next book in this series. In fact, I cannot wait for it, it sounds lovely to me.

Rating: 5 stars

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