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Encore (Famous #4) ~ Eden Finley

Encore is the fourth and final book in Eden Finley's Famous Series. Although it could technically be read as a standalone, I seriously would not recommend it. There is just too much history with the boys and their partners, never mind the history of Eleven and their break up. Encore would be much too superficial without these backstories.

I must admit I was a tad dubious about how it would work with Blake; he's been so staunchly 'straight' in the previous books. I liked how the whole thing was handled, though. It was very gradual, and Blake's inner dialogue ensured the reader knew this wasn't a snap decision through his reflections of his life up to this point. However, even with the inner workings of Blake's mind, it still felt a bit sudden. I think it felt this way because there was no real lead up or history to look back on there wasn't an 'ah ha' moment; it's not like he was the oblivious best friend like Mason was to Denver. Despite these thoughts, I just went with the flow and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Jordan was a great character. With his history, it was perfectly understandable that he wouldn't accept Blake's word that he was all in and not just there for the experimentation phase. Every time Jordan joked about the future (in an attempt at self-preservation), my heart broke a little.

Jordan's ex was a megalomaniacal jerk, and he added an interesting element, and the source of drama, to the story. Without spoiling anything, I loved how the situation was resolved. Karma really can bite the big one.

It was lovely to catch up with the boys and their partners again and experience their tour, which has been building up over the series.

Eden Finley is one of my favourite authors, and this book is an excellent reason why. It is way too easy to become completely invested in the characters she creates, and now by book four, the Eleven boys are as familiar as family and touching base with them is a comfortable feeling.

Eden Finley left this series in a perfect place, with the possibility of returning to this world at some point, if the muse strikes. If you've read the previous books in the series, you don't want to miss Encore. If you haven't started yet, now is an excellent time to start when the entire series is available. Be sure to start the journey with Harley in Popstar (my personal favourite of the series).

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