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Finding Finn (Forever Love # 2) ~ Charlie Novak

OMG! I think this is Charlie Novak's steamiest book yet!

When I think of Charlie Novak's writing, I imagine a gorgeous romance. All the romance you could possibly want, with a good dose of heat, but focusing on the romance. Well, Finding Finn has all the romance you could possibly want, but the heat factor in this one is hot enough to melt your Kindle!

Together, Finn and Gem are lava hot, with Gem discovering a secret side to Finn that they both find oh so satisfactory!

Apart from the heat, the relationship side of their "friends with benefits" arrangement was beautifully written. It is clear from almost the beginning that neither of them considers the other simply a friend, but both are too afraid to voice their opinion in case it drives the other away. This is a plot device that I absolutely love, but it is very easy to stretch it out too much to the point that it becomes frustrating rather than sweet. Not so here. The growth of Finn and Gem's relationship is slow and steady, at least emotionally, but fast enough that you can see the progression and know it will be beautiful when it happens.

Charlie Novak is one of those writers I turn to when I’m looking for a light and relaxing but absorbing read. Her books are generally low angst, with any dramatic moments being resolved fairly quickly so that they add another layer of interest to the story but aren't emotionally taxing. Her writing flows so well that you turn the pages without even noticing you're moving through the story. Her characters are always well developed, and one of the benefits of books where the characters essentially stretch over both series is that you get a lot of character development. As a result, it's always a joy to meet those characters again in other books. I like that her characters are everyday people, well, except for Jason! It adds a touch of familiarity and gives the stories a 'family' feel.

Finding Finn is the second book in Charlie Novak's Forever Love series. This series is a spin-off from the Roll for Love series. While Forever Love can be read in isolation, I'd recommend at least one of the Roll for Love books just for background. Of that series, I've only read (so far) the last book, Proficiency Bonus, and I found it gave me an excellent grounding in all the main players that feature in this spin-off series. It is also an entertaining read all on its own, so it's not a hardship!

Finding Finn is a gorgeous addition to the Forever Love series. I loved watching Gem slowly realise just what he has in Finn, and Finn building his courage to actually go for what he wants. I have had so much fun interacting with Gem, Finn, Finn’s whacky family, and their circle of friends. These are all people I wish I knew in real life, and reading one of their stories is always a happy experience. I'm really looking forward to the next book.

I highly recommend Finding Finn!

Forever Finn is released on 24 February 2022 and is available for preorder.

The Forever Love Series:

Book 1: Always Eli available in ebook or paperback

Book 2: Finding Finn available in ebook or paperback

Book 3: Oh So Oscar available for preorder

The Roll For Love Series:

Book 1: Natural Twenty available in ebook and/or audio

Book 2: Charisma Check available in ebook and/or audio

Book 3: Proficiency Bonus available in ebook and/or audio

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