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Finn's Fantasy (Maine Men #1) ~ K.C. Wells

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Finn’s Fantasy is a character driven feel good story. It’s one of those stories where there isn’t a lot of action that isn’t directly related to the relationship. We get to know Finn’s friends (who will have their own books later in the series) and Joel’s family, but apart from that the story revolves around Finn and Joel.

I found the book a bit slow to start. There was a lot of character introduction between Finn and his friends and workmates, with Joel only being an unknown figure at first. Slowly Joel comes more to the front, but it’s not until about 20% so there was a lot of build up before the ‘action’ starts. The slower beginning is understandable in that this story is setting the stage for the following books. It allows us to get a taste of the characters and start to care about them, before they get their own stories. I enjoyed starting to get to know their personalities, and I’m looking forward to their individual tales, but I did find it a bit of an information dump, and placed right at the beginning it made it a bit harder to want to keep going.

But believe me, continuing is worth it.

This book is slow burn. Don’t get me wrong the story drowns you in UST and sweet moments, but the first kiss doesn’t happen until 60%! However, it picks up pace and gets hot and steamy quickly and doesn’t really stop until the end.

There is almost no angst apart from a moment with Joel’s family, but this is quite quickly resolved. I loved Joel’s sister, I hope she continues to appear in the future books, she was a hoot!

I really enjoyed Finn’s Fantasy, it was a beautiful relaxing read. It was extremely character driven with most of the emphasis on Finn, Joel and their relationship. It had many romantic moments, quite a bit of steam, laughs, and was just generally a feel good read.

Highly Recommended.

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