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Frat Wars: Prince of Thieves (Frat Wars #1) ~ Saxon James

Saxon James' Frat Wars: Prince of Thieves is the first book in a new series that embraces the oft-repeated phrase 'frat as f*ck'.

As you would expect from this author, Frat Wars is not a superficial account of the misadventures of frat life. Instead, it is a beautiful romance complete with star crossed lovers and warring 'families'; but unlike the tragedy it is modelled from, the atmosphere is one of humour and friendship. In this respect, it is more akin to one of the Bard's comedies, especially with Chad's heartfelt declaration at the end of the first chapter. A vow you know he is destined to break in the best possible way.

“Frat first, everything else second. That will never change.”

For all his earnestness, it only takes a single interaction with Bailey for Chad to break his vow. Regardless of his determination to be loyal to his frat, it's obvious, almost from the beginning, that his allegiance is shifting; and honestly, it is gorgeous to watch unfold.

No college story based on frat life would be complete without humour, and Frat Wars bursts at the seams with witty banter and madcap pranks. Yet, under all the hijinks, the genuine feeling of family in Chad's fraternity lends a comfortable atmosphere.

Saxon James has the knack for creating beautiful characters with whom you can't help but fall in love and become entirely invested. Chad and Bailey perfectly fulfil the roles of jock and nerd (respectively) while proving they are more than their stereotypes. For me, it was Chad that stole the show, or rather Chad and Bailey's family. Their almost instant bond was the source for much of the humour and secondhand embarrassment for Bailey.

Frat Wars is the perfect blend of low angst and witty and snarky dialogue, all balanced with a beautiful romance that will leave you with a sappy grin.

Ignore any preconceptions you may have about the shallowness of this story; Frat Wars: Prince of Thieves is a sophisticated romance that will leave you wanting more.

“Since I met him, he’s been the only one. And we’re in love. Now, if that isn’t frat as f*ck… I don’t know what is.”

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