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The Grave Between Us (A Noah & Cole Thriller #2) ~ Tal Bauer

The Grave Between Us is a prime example of a romantic psychological thriller. Tal Bauer has developed a genuinely spine-chilling killer, obsessed with the one man he thinks truly understands him – Cole Kennedy. Flashbacks to a younger Cole from his first interaction with Ian and watching as their 'relationship' progressed will leave you shuddering.

Ian is a sadistic serial killer, a true personification of evil, and now after many years, he has found Cole again, and he is intent on making him his, and there is no way Noah or Katie will stand in his way; he will remove them, in the way that makes his heartbeat all the faster, but first he begins a game of cat and mouse.

From the first gasp to the last, Tal Bauer has woven a twisted psychological tale that is all the more horrifying because it is Noah that Ian has in his sights. Cole's desperation simply had my stomach in knots.

Through it all, Noah and Cole's intense love for each other shines on every page, but it is this 'once in a lifetime' love that makes the possible consequences of Ian's obsession all the more harrowing.

I would not recommend reading this one without having read The Murder Between Us. This is a continuation of this story, and there is very little background information provided. New readers would likely be left not understanding much of Cole and Noah's relationship and what they've already been through. Honestly though, the Murder Between Us was so good, you'd be doing yourself a disservice by not reading it anyway.

For those that have read The Murder Between Us, The Grave Between Us is next level; the love is greater, the passion is higher, and the threat to everything seems insurmountable.


*Don't worry, this book has a beautiful, tears of happiness, HEA.

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