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High Alert ~ Becca Seymour

High Alert is a low angst, feel-good romance by new-to-me Australian author, Becca Seymour. High Alert is a well written, childhood friends to lovers/brother's best friend romance with likeable characters, humour, and an action filled, of the natural disaster variety, plot.

The author beautifully conveyed the history between the three main characters: Ross, his brother Craig, and Craig's best friend, Dan. These three have a deeply established friendship. The memories and flashbacks allow the reader to learn about that relationship without being bogged down in too much detail, and sets up the romance between Ross and Dan.

As a proud Aussie myself, I'm so happy to see more and more books being set in Australia and the growing popularity of Australian authors. However, I will admit that when picking up a new author with a book based Down Under there is always a moment of trepidation. As modern Australian society is so similar to that of the US or UK, sometimes authors, in the desperate attempt to make sure the reader knows they are in Australia, revert to the use of stereotypes and/or the cringeworthy use of the largely extinct Ocker dialect.

There is nothing to fear here though, High Alert was written using a natural Australian vocabulary and speech rhythm without relying on stereotypes. Instead, the author's gorgeous descriptions of the Australian bush were more than enough to ensure the reader knew exactly where they were. This Australian emphasis was also made through the use of natural disasters. Australia is particularly well known for adopting the: wild bushfires one day, flooding the next, approach to natural disasters, and this was used effectively in this book. I loved the theme of regeneration; that from destruction comes regrowth, which ultimately sums up the Aussie spirit and is a significant theme of this book.

“Sunshine had followed, along with the joy of mozzies and the welcome signs of green grass."

I very much enjoyed my first experience with Becca Seymour's work. I found her an engaging writer. I can't say how much I enjoyed her use of the natural Australian vernacular without resorting to stereotypes or caricatures, and she created a great group of characters in whom I was effortlessly invested.

If you are looking for a feel-good friends-to-lovers romance with very little drama, plenty of action and a good helping of humour, I'd highly recommend reading High Alert.

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