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His Boy to Cherish ~ Colette Davison

When I say I want a sweet and fluffy book that provides me with a boatload of comfort, but still has some conflict and some very emotional moments, even if it’s a lower angst book, I mean this book, this book is everything I have ever wanted in a book. I couldn’t think of a book better suited for my first 5 star read of the new year. Little confession, I read this book for the first time a couple of weeks ago and I absolutely loved it. So much that I decided to re-read it a couple of days ago. I also decided to re-read it tonight. I have read this book three times in about three weeks. I think that tells you how much I love this book.

I read this book for the first time after I had a bad day and I needed a pick me up, I read this book for the second time after I read a book that completely destroyed me and I needed a pick me up, and I read this book for the third time when I was super stressed and needed a pick me up. And the three times I read it, it worked perfectly at improving my mood, this book is just pure comfort for me.

“I’d be lost without you, little bird.”

Brief summary There is an event on the Cuffd website where daddies can write letters saying what they want in a boy and boys can reply to them if they are interested. Ben who is a daddy writes a letter. Jayden, a boy, replies to him and they fall in love. First, I loved the two main characters in this book so much. Ben was one of my favourite daddies that I have ever read about in a book. He was exactly the kind of daddy I want in a book. He wasn’t perfect, he had flaws, and a believable personality that made him really endearing and he was also super sweet. He was super caring, the way he always took care of Jayden and his needs made me so happy, he always praised his boy, he was super attentive and receptive to his boy’s needs and wants, but he was also firm enough to make sure that he helped his boy and guided him towards things that are good for him. He was an all-around lovely daddy and I absolutely adored his character. And I absolutely loved Jayden too. He was so precious and sweet. He was such a super lovely character to read about and I really loved him. Second, I don’t think I have enough words in my vocabulary to say how much I loved the relationship between the two main characters. It was so romantic and definitely made my heart melt on many occasions. I just loved how these two always listened to each other and did things to make the other feel better. I loved how they always reassured the other when it was needed. I loved how they took care of each other at any time. I loved how they showed how much they loved each through their every move, it was so lovely to see. Jayden had bad relationships that made him feel bad about himself before, and I loved how Ben always took the time to show and tell Jayden how lovely and worthy he is. Everything about the relationship these two had was super lovely and everything I want to read about in a book. Side note, I really appreciated every side character in the book and I thought that they really helped make the book lively and gave it such a good friendly vibe, the cast of characters in this book was really superb to me. Special mention to Jude, whom I really hope gets his book soon because I just love him so much.

“I will always take care of you and cherish you with all my heart.” […] “You’re the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me. You complete me. I’ll always be your Daddy, and you will always be my beautiful boy.”

Third, I really enjoyed the vibe of this book. I’m a big fan of hurt/comfort in books and the way it was done in this book was very delightful. This book talks a lot about heavier topics like the effects of being a soldier and the loss of an arm while being on duty, PTSD and the effects of it, assault, a parent who’s in a coma, abandonment issues and insecurities, but it was more focused on the comfort part and how people can comfort each other when living with those things. The way everything was shown really worked for me. I really enjoyed the vibe of this book, it was a nice mix of super sweet scenes and more angst-filled scenes and it really worked for me. Special mention to how the book presented those topics too. Ben was in the military and he lost an arm during duty and I really liked how the book showed what that did to him and how his life was because of that event, that really worked for me and I loved reading about it. And also I really appreciated how PTSD was shown in this book, I really appreciated how it was represented and it felt realistic to me, I don’t have PTSD, but it felt very close to what I know about it and it really worked for me. I liked how the book didn’t shy away from showing the effects of PTSD and what it did to the characters who have it. Fourth, this book was on the longer side and it really worked for me. I loved how we got to see everything build up over time and the relationship development was wonderful. I loved how their relationship developed and grew over the book, it was lovely to read about. Also, I really enjoyed how they met on the dating app, then met up really early in the book and had a date and then kept going on dates and learnt to get to know each other, that format really worked for me, I liked how it was straight forward but also worked very well at developing their relationship and their connection. Fifth, I absolutely loved everything about how the kink was done in this book. Jayden has a praise kink and I just loved how it was done. Ben kept praising him and telling him how lovely he is and it was just the sweetest thing. The age play was so damn sweet, and I really enjoyed how it was portrayed in the book. It was all about comfort and how they can make each other feel good, loved and cared for, and it really worked for me. I loved how they both were so into cuddles and how they always cuddled, it was so damn sweet. I loved Jayden’s love for his stuffed animals and how he has a lot of them, I also have tons of stuffed animals that I love and cherish, so I love seeing main characters who collect stuffed animals and who play with them, it’s just so sweet to me. Special mention to the sex scenes in this book because god damn, those were scorching hot. Also, special mention to Ben, who didn’t know if he was into age play before they got together, but who listened to Jayden tell him what he loves and never judged him for what he likes. I loved how Ben listened to what Jayden enjoyed, and then took time to think and talk to other people who are into age play to understand it better, and then he experimented with Jayden to see if he is into the same things that Jayden is, it was so sweet and it really worked for me. Colette Davison is an author that I have only read two books of, including this one, but don’t be surprised when I go back and read her entire backlist soon, because so far her books are exactly what I love in books and I’m very much loving them.

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