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Honestly Yours (Brief Review #2) ~ Jamie Reese

Updated: May 24, 2022

Florence has already done a fantastic review for the blog , but I read this one on the weekend, and I needed to gush about it myself.

I read many books a year, and I enjoy the vast majority, with some moving into the 'absolutely adore' category. However, it's not common for a book to affect me on this level. In fact, the last time I walked away with a similar response was J.R. Lawrie's The Sheltering Tree, released in early 2021.

Honestly Yours is my first book by Jamie Reese, but it certainly won't be my last. The writing style used in this story is one that affects me on a profoundly emotional level. Although it has many physical scenes, and these can get quite steamy, it is the intimacy of these scenes and all the moments in between that make this book a truly sensual experience.

It is a seduction of the mind rather than the body. It’s a writing style that is difficult to define. Sometimes lyrical, sometimes having an almost dreamlike quality, but always deeply emotive. Even in scenes that are not composed of intimate moments between Gian and Warren, there is a strong emotional undercurrent. Those emotions are not always positive or pleasant, but they elicit a response.

Warren has a deeply traumatised background, with each revelation more horrific than the last. Watching him slowly learn to trust Gian, observing the slow crumbling of the walls he has built to protect himself, and witnessing his simple happiness at the acceptance of Gian’s parents had an affective power. When Warren finally discusses his mother in detail, I cried like a baby. I'm not ashamed to admit it!

Honestly Yours is an intimate and sensual story of the healing power of love and family. Although it is sometimes intensely emotional, it is never heavy as there are many humorous moments to break it up, and the minor suspense theme running through the story provides a bit of a 'what is happening?' distraction.

I'm so very happy I took a chance on this story after reading Florence's review. Honestly Yours was a beautiful experience, and I can honestly say I loved every moment.

Honestly Yours is available as an ebook.

The Sheltering Tree is available as an ebook

Both books are available for free via a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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