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How to Elude a Vampire (Vampire Related Crimes #2) ~ Alice Winters, Narrated ~ Michael Ferraiuolo

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Alice Winters has done a spectacular job with this book. Finn's stalker was introduced in How to Vex a Vampire, where he made a few appearances, which only highlighted his obsession with Finn indicating that he is an extremely powerful, and mad, vampire.

Things ramp up in How to Elude a Vampire, and the hunt is on for this mysterious stalker who, right up until the end, I had NO CLUE who it was!!! There were a couple of red herrings; a couple of times I though 'no, not him' but luckily I was wrong, and the ultimate big bad was a surprise, where in hindsight you go 'oh I can see it now' but in the moment, I never saw it coming!

How to Elude a Vampire is also emotionally intense and romantic. Marcus may have taken a little while to admit he'd fallen for Finn's charms (or was it just Finn's persistence?), but he's all in now and the fact that Finn is threatened, and that he doesn't know if he is strong enough to protect him, is driving him crazy. He is fighting his instincts between secreting him away and allow him to continue to live, something Finn is desperately fighting to do.

Finn's family, Marcus and his brother, and his fellow VRC vampires rally to protect Finn and find his stalker, even Alexei who claims to 'hate' Finn, goes out of his way to protect him. He is definitely a big Russian faker!!

Michael Ferraiuolo has once again done a marvelous job of bringing Alice's zany cast of characters to life. This book is a little more serious than the first in the series, and in my opinion, quite a bit steamier. Marcus is certainly not afraid to show his passionate and possessive side!

That doesn't mean the humour doesn't shine through, and Michael, is able to smoothly flow from emotionally intense scenes to flippant snarky moments, showing his wide scope and epic comedic timing. Oh, and let's not forget to mention the voice of the 'big bad', guaranteed to give you shivers!!

Michael Ferraiuolo has the ability to give each character an extremely unique voice, so you know instantly who is speaking, even if it isn't identified within the story. He is definitely in my list of Top 5 narrators!

I'd highly recommend both the book and the narration, separately or together, they are amazing!

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