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How To Vex A Vampire (Vampire Related Crimes #1) ~ Alice Winters, Narrated by Michael Ferraiuolo

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

This was my first book by Alice Winters and it was a winner!

How to Vex a Vampire is full of sass, snark, and lots of action. The romance was there, but it was definitely a side line, coming forward at certain points, and always in the background. Marcus and Finn were an interesting pairing, and I honestly didn't know if it would work with them. Watching Finn work so hard to win Marcus was hilarious, I know I'll never look at grilled cheese the same again!

Finn was relentless in his quest for Marcus, and you certainly couldn't fault his persistence in both wooing Marcus and befriending the grumpy and unfriendly Alexei. Finn wins in the end, and both Marcus and Alexei cave to Finn's stubborn refusal to allow them not to like him.

What I really enjoyed from Marcus' POV was his slow build of respect for Finn. Although he torments and teases him, desperate to keep him at arm's length, internally his admiration and feeling for Finn is growing, especially as he starts to learn that he is simply not just a flashy human detective trying to fit into a vampire's world, but that he has a serious history and inner strength that Marcus finds remarkable. However, he is determined not to show it, until he is pushed beyond limits.

All of this attempted wooing both romantically and in the name of friendship complements rather than outshines the mystery of who is trying to turn humans against vampires, and just who is stalking Finn. Even when Marcus and Finn's relationship hots up, it does not overtake the story, but fits into it seamlessly.

I really enjoyed how Finn's disabilities were handled, how he did everything in his power to hide them, and then when they were found out, how embarrassed he was by them, and how Marcus was able to work through his barriers, desperate for Finn to understand that he is still the same man regardless of his disabilities - all with the signature snark, of course.


I really enjoyed reading the book, but OMG the audio!!!!

I usually fall asleep or get distracted with audio books. Not this one! The narrator, Michael Ferraiuolo, is fantastic! He pegs the snark, the sarcasm, and each character has their own unique voice so that it is impossible not to know who is speaking. He takes an excellent book and shoots it into the stratosphere. It's just pure magic!!!

I'd highly recommend both the book and the narration, or why not do what I did and do both together with the magic of Kindle Whispersync! Any way you do it, you don't want to miss this book!

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