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Let Your Heart Be Light ~ J.R. Lawrie

This was an amazing set of stories. Two stories which belong together form a novella, and a sweet short story that is guaranteed to tug on the heart strings. For Services Rendered is a very sweet Christmas short story, it hits you in all the right places and is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. There is also a short story that serves as a sort of extended epilogue. It can be found on the author's site here. Similarly, The Farringdon Club, which is part two of the novella is also light, funny, and guaranteed to give you all the romantic feels. Make sure you read Kind of a Big Deal first!

Kind of a Big Deal, is something else. It's hard to imagine an author packed so much emotion into a short novella (or part 1 as I like to think of it). This book is intensely passionate, the chemistry between Richard and Zach leaps of the page and slaps you in the face. The sex scene is not so much sexy hot, but it is just so intimate. It blends perfectly with the passionate, sensual nature of the story. I was half-way through Kind of a Big Deal when I went looking for other books by this author, I would have bought them immediately, without reading the blurbs, this one was just that good.

Good news! On a second look at this author's Goodreads page today I noticed she has a full novel coming out on 9 April 2021 called The Sheltering Tree. It sounds good, and if the writing is anything like this novella it will be an instant buy! This trio of stories is so worth the money. They could, and should, be read and enjoyed at any time of year!

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