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Lost & Found ( Twist of Fate # 1) ~ Sloane Kennedy & Lucy Lennox

He’d come. My Benny had come.

Lost and Found is more than a second chance romance. It is a story of soulmates who are brutally separated for no other reason than one man’s pride and cruelty. Separated for 15 years, when Xander and Bennett are finally reunited it not so much a question of will they get back together, but why did they separate in the first place? What could have possibly made Bennett act the way he did?

This part of the story is told in flashbacks, as well as communication between the two men. The reason is truly heartbreaking but watching Xander slowly let go of his sense of betrayal, and them both healing each other’s spiritual wounds is beautiful to read.

I’m a fan of both of these authors, they both create these gorgeous characters that can be so beautifully broken but still have that core of steel that prevents them from ever becoming a spineless creature that can sometimes happen when an author attempts to creates this type of character. Not here, both Bennett and Xander are strong characters, who while living with half a soul, have not closed off their hearts, but have embraced and helped others.

The secondary characters are equally beautifully created: Aiden, Jake, Lucky, all will have future books, and their personalities have been well established here so that you will eagerly want to follow them to their own HEA.

I sat up reading this one until 3am in the morning, I just didn’t want to put it down. The writing captured me immediately and never let go. I became fully immersed in this world and with these characters. It was an easy story to read. Of course, there was a lot of intense emotion, but there also so many funny moments that it never became heavy, and there was a bit of exciting action at one stage that catapulted the story and kept me flipping the pages.

I honestly can’t recommend this one highly enough. If you are a fan of either of these authors, what are you waiting for? Grab it now! If they are new to you, this is an excellent introduction. Both Sloane Kennedy and Lucy Lennox’s writing styles have blended seamlessly into this story, and it is a great taste of what they read like as individuals.

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