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Love Match ~ Keira Andrews

Love Match is a re-release of Keira Andrews' first book published in 2006. She has stated that although she was tempted to edit/re-write, but she didn't and let it remain the original story. I think she made the right choice.

I had not previously read Love Match, and as a fan of this writer, I was interested in seeing how it all began and to see if I could see how much her writing had changed over the years. I was extremely happy to discover (if not surprised) that the quality of Keira Andrews’ writing has remained consistent between 2006 and now. Yes, her writing style is a bit more polished now, and her plots a bit tighter, but honestly, if I hadn’t known this was her first-ever book I would have never guessed it while reading.

Keira Andrews is one of my favourite authors. She has the ability to instantly addict you to the story and not allow you to let go until the last page. Her characters are always alive on the page, and Love Match is no exception. Luke and Jesse are incredibly real and completely loveable. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have their faults. Both men are stubborn and want their own way: with Luke in the sunset of his tennis career, and Jesse’s career only just beginning, they take different points of view on the risks they are willing to take or acceptance of the status quo. The only thing they can agree upon is that they love each other.

It is too easy to become completely invested in these characters, and my heart bled for both of them. Both characters are so sensitively and sympathetically written that it is easy to see and understand the direction of both Jesse or Luke's thoughts and opinions. There is no 'bad guy' here just two men, one who’s been in the closet his entire career and the other who’s willing to shake up the system. Neither wants to lose the other, but neither is willing to bend either.

Keira Andrews is one of the most sensual writers I’ve come across in both M/F and MM pairings. I’m not talking about sexy times, although these are always hot! No, it’s in the interactions between the characters, the intense chemistry and emotion that is expressed both verbally and through internal dialogue. It’s a mental seduction rather than a physical one. It’s an added element to her stories that I always look forward to.

Love Match is a gorgeous age-gap, out-for-you story set among the backdrop of the ultra-competitive professional tennis circuit. It is fast-paced with an excellent cast of secondary characters. It will take you on an emotional ride but with humour so the story is never heavy or intense. Love Match gripped me from the first page and didn’t let go until well after the last page was turned. Highly recommended.

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