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Marriage is Murder (Sawyer and Royce: Matrimony and Mayhem #2) ~ Aimee Nicole Walker

Just a small warning, this isn’t a standalone and must he read after the Zero Hour series for maximum enjoyment. As that series and this one follows the lives of the same couple.

One of my absolute favourite things to read about is an established couple that are the main couple of multiple books, and who have been through a lot spending cute domestic moments together. There's just something about a couple that I know has been through hardship, but made it work and is now just really strong and secure in their relationship, that just melts my entire heart. This book is mostly just a murder investigation with Royce and Sawyer spending a lot of small domestic moments together and I absolutely loved it.

Brief Summary Royce and Sawyer have been dating for years now. And they are currently planning the next step in their lives, settling down and forming their own family. All of that while doing their job as detectives and investigating crimes in their city.

“You crashed into my universe like an asteroid and wreaked so much beautiful havoc. I’m so damn grateful for it.”

Royce and Sawyer are one of my favourite book couples of all time, and the more time I spend reading about them (this is their 5th book), the more they just get closer and closer to being my favourite book couple of all time. There is just something special about their connection that really does it for me. I just love everything about their relationship. I love the easy way that they care for each other. I love that their favourite part of every day is spending time together even if that's as simple as eating breakfast together. I love their unwavering trust in each other. I love how much they care for each other and how they face every storm together. I love how they banter and give each other a hard time but all because they love each other so much that they cannot help it. I love all of their bonding moments with their cat, Bones. I love how much they love each other and how they show that in everything they do, everything these guys do is tinted by their love for each other and they always keep the other in mind, no matter what. Just everything about the relationship that these guys have works for me and I never get tired of reading about these two together.

”It was like you thought the truth might break us, but, baby, I chose you. And I will always choose you.”

I just had the best of time reading about all of the time they spend together and all of the plans they’re making for the future. I’m just really rooting for Sawyer and Royce and I’m so happy that they’re finally getting everything that they have ever wanted. I have been following these guy’s story for a couple of books now so it just makes me so happy to see them so happy and in love. It’s always so nice to read about. And they just have the sweetest and best relationship, I love it so much.

“Two more months until you’re officially mine,” Royce said. “Baby, you had me at first glare.”

I really appreciated how this book tied a lot of previous storylines in the series together. I really love how it continued a lot of the previously started storylines and developed them even more than they were in the previous books. I really enjoyed that part of the book and I loved how it tied everything in the series together. This writer always has a way of pulling me into the investigation and making me super invested in them and it was definitely the case for this book. I was just engaged in the investigation and I couldn’t wait to learn more about it. It was just a very good time to read about. I absolutely loved this book, but honestly it isn’t very shocking. At this point, Royce and Sawyer could spend 400 pages hanging out and reading the phone book together and I would think that it’s one of the best books I have ever read, I just absolutely adore these guys together and reading about their adventures.

Marriage is Murder is available as an ebook. It is also available via a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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