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Meet Me There ~ K.M. Neuhold

I’m kind of star-struck over this book. The premise of this book is everything I have ever wanted out of a romance book. I have never found another romance book that was like this one, where most of the book is about the main characters actively being in a long-distance relationship. And I have yearned and craved for a book like this for years. So, I really want to thank K.M. Neuhold for bringing my wildest dreams to life, this truly was the book for me.

The books that I enjoy reading the most are the ones that I can relate to in some ways, so the ones that have parts that reflect my life experiences. And for this reason, I’m going to start this review by talking about my own life experience because this book felt more personal to me than it probably will for most people. This book is about a long-distance relationship, most specifically chatting with someone online and then falling for them and trying to make it work even if you live in totally different places in the world, and then meeting each other whenever you can to spend some time together. The longest relationship in my life was with an Australian (I’m Canadian) that I chatted with online, and we were in a long-distance relationship for quite a long time, including real-life meetings. So, everything about this book just reminded me of my own life experiences, which is probably why this book is so precious to me. I have never found a book that reminded me of my own dating life as this one did and for that, I’m internally grateful. This was exactly the type of relationship I can relate to, and it was very cathartic for me to read about it in a book.

So, while I really appreciated the content of this book, what really worked for me here, is how I could relate to every second of their relationship and how I kept comparing the character’s experiences with my own. That just really enhanced the reading experience for me.

”I just woke up this morning, and I felt like if I didn’t see you today, I would lose my f*cking mind.”

Brief Summary

Reed and Marlon were online best friends when they were in high school. They lost track of each other over the years, and they reconnect again 15 years later and start a long-distance relationship.

I just want to talk some more about how much I loved the long-distance relationship in this book. The meeting online and getting to know each other part was just so relatable and absolutely wonderful to read. And everything about the time that they spent doing long distance, the longing, the pining, the want to be near each other so much but you must wait for a little while, no matter how much you don’t want to. The face-to-face meetings where you do everything to see each other and the want to spend every second together because you don’t know when you will get to see each other again. The stilled goodbyes that feel like they will rip your heart apart more and more every time you do it. The want to say fuck it all but not being able to because, in the end, you love that person, even if the distance hurts. Just everything about how this was portrayed in this book worked for me. Reading this book just brought me back to my own feelings when I was in a long-distance relationship myself and reading about it just really worked for me. This book portrayed this life experience in a way that was so realistic to me, and I loved every second of it.

Also, my favourite thing in the world is reading about online interactions in books. And this book had so many texting interactions it just made my heart melt. That was just the cutest thing in the world to me.

I really loved how much you could see the remains of Reed and Marlon’s friendship when there were teens in their current relationship. I loved how they truly seemed to know each other and everything about the other from the moment they first met again. I just love these types of friendly relationships in books, and it really worked for me in this case. It was just so lovely to me how they knew everything about each other and how the other works because they had been friends before, it showed that they took the time to listen to each other and to get to know each other well and I love reading about that.

Also, Marlon and Reed just had the best banter. You could tell that they knew everything about each other because of their banter. It was just so fun to read about. I always love good banter and this one was just so much fun to read about.

“I’m so fucking in love with you,” […] I just have to have you in my life. I need you in my bed every morning and in my arms every night. I want to plan our adventures together instead of hoping we’ll find each other there.”

I really loved the relationship progression in this one. I loved how they just continued where they left it off and remained friends, with the added benefits of having sex sometimes and then the more the time passed, the more they realized that they just want to be together no matter what. It was super fun for me to read about and I really enjoyed it. It made the book super lively and engaging because I just wanted to see what their next step would be.

Also, the sex scenes in this book were marvellous. They were super hot and plenty, which is how I enjoy my sex scenes in books, so I was very pleased with them.

My only issue with this book was that it’s towering a little too much on the edge of none monogamy for me and I just prefer reading about monogamous couples. It took a long time for the couple in this book to decide that they want to be monogamous and while this book got there, it just took a little too long for my own personal preference. But regardless of that, this book still impacted me like a ton of bricks, so it isn’t the worst thing in the world because it didn’t impact my feelings about the book much, but I do wish that it made clearer from an earlier point in their relationship.

Overall, this book was just such a wonderful reading experience for me. I don’t think I have ever read a book in which I could identify with the romance as much as I could with this book. This book was exactly what I have been waiting to read for years in a romance book. I have wanted a book like this for so long and I’m so glad that I finally got to read one. This book was just a super wonderful reading experience for me and I really enjoyed the ride.

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