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Mercy (Salacious Players Club #4) ~ Sara Cate

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

I think that this book broke me. I’m not sure how I can go on from this. This was just the perfect book for me.

I’m a very simple person, if a book with a relationship between a man and a woman is BDSM and the woman is the domme, I will read it, no matter what. This type of dynamic is one of my favourite dynamics when it comes to kink in books and god was this book everything I wanted it to be.

This book couldn’t have come out at a better time in my life because I’ve been spending the last months trying to find the perfect femdom book for me, as I’ve been really craving those lately. So thank you book for making my job easier and safely securing yourself into the top spot on the list.

Look, I won’t lie here. This book was my most anticipated book of the last 3 months. I screamed with joy and fangirled so much when I saw that I was getting an ARC of it and the second that it hit my kindle, I sat down and read the entire book in one sitting. There was no way I was putting this book down until I reached the last word of the story. I cannot even put into words how excited I was to read this book. Before I got a copy of it for myself, I was anxiously counting down the days until I could get my hands on this book. Just ask my friends and my mom, I’m pretty sure that they are sick and tired of hearing me talk about how much I want to read this book. I’ve been hyped for this book for what feels like an eternity. And now that the day is finally here and I read it, I can safely say that this book was just perfect for me. This was everything I have ever wanted in a book and more, so much more.

You know that moment when you’ve been waiting to read a book for a while and then you finally get your hands on it and it’s as perfect as you wanted it to be. This is what I experienced with this book and I’m so happy about it. This book was everything I could have ever wished it would be. It was just so perfect to me. I couldn’t have asked for anything more. There is nothing about this book that I wish was a little different. This book was absolutely perfect for me.

Also, I’ve been really stingy with my 5 stars ratings this year and this is only my 12th 5 stars read of the entire year. But well played Sara Cate, you can take your very well-deserved stars. Because I don’t think that someone could have made a book more suited to my reading tastes.

He wants to bring me pleasure. Even if that means letting me hurt him, torture him, punish him, and use him. What he wants is to give me what I want.

Brief Summary

Beau is 22 years old. He is a little lost in life and he doesn’t know what he wants to do next. He is also a massive brat who is realizing that he might be into kink and a sub. Maggie is 34 years old and she is just realizing that she might be into kink and a domme. Turns out that Beau is her perfect match and that they fall in love.

First, the kink exploration in this book was just so good. They both think that they aren’t into kink but they start realizing that they might be into kink after all. And they experience kink together. I loved seeing them explore the different aspects of kink and what would be good for them. I loved seeing them trying out many things to see what would work for them as individuals and as a couple. I just loved seeing them experiment with kink and find the footing and what they love, together. I just loved seeing Maggie learn to be a domme and what it meant for her. I loved seeing her shape up into her role more and more through the book, it was just so wonderful to read about. I also loved seeing Beau learn to submit. The more the book progressed, the more he seemed to feel more and more comfortable in his skin and I loved seeing how well it suited him. What I loved the most about the kink exploration in this book is seeing how happy it made the characters and how much happier they seemed the more the book progressed, I just loved how theim exploring their kinks led to them actually being happy in their relationship and with themselves. That was such a lovely part of the book and I had the best time reading it.

Also, they both had hang-ups about sex and about the idea of enjoying it, or about being a sub when it comes to Beau. So I loved seeing them explore kink together and realize that there is no shame in them being into it. The kink exploration in this book was just so well described and such a joy to read.

Second, my absolute favourite trope in books is the redemption of a character who was an asshole in previous books of the series. I just adore this trope to pieces. And this book included this trope. Beau was shown in book 1 of this series as a kind of evil side character who was an asshole and wasn’t nice to anyone. So you can imagine my excitement when this book was announced to be about him. I was so excited to see how he would redeem himself after that and his redemption was absolutely perfect for me. I really liked how his redemption was him doing some self-reflecting and some growing up and becoming a better person of himself. His character progression was just so much fun to read about and I adored every second of it.

Third, I just adored the relationship progression in this one. I loved it started with them talking online and then they hung out and kept spending time together and they slowly discovered that they might be perfect for each other. The relationship progression in this book just seemed so natural and it was a joy to follow. These characters just seemed to seamlessly fall in love through the pages and that was so much fun to read for me.

Fourth, the relationship in this book. I just loved it, so much. The relationship between Beau and Maggie is the stuff that my dreams are made of. They were just so well suited for each other. They truly completed each other. And I just loved how much they cared for each other and how it showed through their every action. I loved how they talked about everything and how they always listened to each other. They truly had one of the best and cutest relationships I have ever read about and I just adored every second of it. I just loved how they accept each other no matter what and how they cheer each other on through it all. It was just the cutest thing ever.

Also, the love that these two had for each other was just so swoony, I adored reading about it, so much.

“I’m not perfect, by any means. But I want to be…for you. I’ve never been in love before […] I thought I was. But it never felt like this. I never wanted to be better for anyone. Maggie…my heart is yours. Do whatever you want with it.”

Also, I just adored how well fleshed out Maggie and Beau were. Their characters and how well developed they were really made their romance for me. I just loved being able to be in both of these characters' heads and seeing their character development as the book progressed. These two were just absolutely wonderful characters and reading about them truly was a joy for me.

Fifth, the dynamic in this book was just the best. I absolutely adored it. I just loved how Beau was a little shit who just wanted to be punished and how Maggie just wanted to put Beau in line and make him obey her. Their dynamic just made the book so much fun to read and it really added to the interactions between the characters. It just made this book so engaging and a joy to read.

Also, Beau is a brat who loves to break the rules so that he can get punished. And I just loved how Maggie loved punishing him and putting him in his place. That was just absolutely wonderful to read about.

Sixth, I always love a good age gap. Especially when the woman is older, count me in, any time. I live for these kinds of couples. And I especially loved it in this case.

Seventh, the sex scenes in this book. I’m pretty sure that I went between drooling and having my jaw drop to the floor many times while I was reading the sex scenes in this book. I loved that there were so many of them and how all of them were very diversified and included the characters trying many different kinks and things. If you know me, you know that I never can pass up a good sex scene in a book and the ones in this book were just truly exceptional. The more I read the book, the more I kept thinking that a certain scene would be my favourite and then another one came along and it took its spot, and that happened to me many times while reading this book.

Also, the dirty talk in this book was just absolutely fantastic and a joy to read.

Also, I just adored how the kink was done in this book. I loved how it talked a lot about it being consensual and agreed to by both characters, but it was done in a very beautiful way that never felt like I was reading a textbook on BDSM for beginners, which I have felt like a lot while reading kinky book, so massive congratulations to the author for this, it truly was seamlessly incorporated into the book. Also, I loved how much aftercare there was in this book. I’m a sucker for a cute aftercare scene and the ones in this book just made me swoon due to how sweet they were.

Also, special mention to how many different kinks were explored in this book, this truly was a very diversified pool and I loved how each and every one of them was shown.

“As far as what you’re supposed to do, don’t worry about that. I will tell you what to do. You don’t need to think or worry. Just obey.”

Eight, this book has some hurt/comfort. Not much, but just enough for me to cry my eyes out a couple of times while I was reading this book, and that is something I always appreciate. I always love a good hurt/comfort and this element was incorporated super well into this book for me.

Ninth, reading this book just made me so emotional. I was so invested in the characters and their lives and I kept wanting to cry for them when things weren’t going like they wanted to and then cheer for them when they were. I was just so into these two characters and their lives and I appreciated every second I spent reading this book.

In conclusion, I’m pretty sure that Sara Cate found a way to scan my brain and pull out everything I have ever wanted into a book so that she could incorporate it into this book. It really is rare for me to find a book that incorporates so many things I love into one book and this one had everything I could have ever asked for.

I’m not even sure that my review was able to do this book justice because I’m not sure that there are enough words in the English language for me to describe how much I loved every second I spent reading this book. This book was just the perfect reading experience for me, and one that I won’t forget about any time soon.

Mercy is available now as an ebook.

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