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My Past, Your Future (Deerbourne Inn #1) ~ Gabbie Grey; Narrated ~ Michael Ferraiuolo

This was such a beautiful story! Elijah has been trapped in Willow Springs for over 150 years, forced to observe but unable to interact. That is until the Scottish history professor, Callum, visits during the Winter Solstice and can see and touch Elijah.

This was the first book I had experienced by this author, and it was a lovely experience. I really enjoyed her writing style and sense of humour. Elijah’s situation and memories were handled sensitively, and the relationship between him and Callum was gorgeous to watch unfold.

The cast of characters is small. It is really just Elijah and Callum with a couple of others popping up here and there. Both Elijah and Callum are beautifully developed. They are both genuinely loveable characters. Both are undeniably soft souls. Particularly Callum, who is sensitive to Elijah's trauma and gives him the tenderness and love he craves that they both crave. Still, he is also a source of strength and support.

I read and listened to this story through Kindle’s Whispersync function. In my opinion, it was the narration that elevated this story from very sweet to sensationally emotional and romantic.

Michael Ferraiuolo did a fantastic job expressing Elijah's torment and frustration over his situation and the trauma from his past. Michael's Scottish accent was so easy to listen to, and he expertly vocalised Callum's tenderness and patience for Elijah. His voice was strong where needed, but you could always feel the tenderness and affection underneath.

It was, in essence, pure magic, which was particularly appropriate. I loved every moment of the story and narration. It is pure fantasy, and I'd highly recommend suspending disbelief and delving in, escaping into this wonderful tale.

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