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Nice Catching You ~ Ryan Taylor & Joshua Harwood; Narrated by ~ Nick. J. Russo

Nice Catching You was my first book by Ryan Taylor and Joshua Hardwood, and strangely, it was the first time I’d listened to Nick J Russo as a narrator. Both authors and narrator made this a pleasant experience.

These authors have a clean writing style that was complemented by Nick’s narration. Taking on the Jock/Nerd trope, they created genuinely likeable characters that Nick’s vocal talents brought to life and made them seem like they could be sitting next to you on a bus like old friends.

The hockey elements of the story sometimes felt like a Hockey 101 class, which for me is not necessarily a bad thing. Although I have read many hockey related stories, Ice Hockey really isn’t a thing in Australia, so my knowledge comes from these types of books! I don’t mind going back to basics sometimes, as if I understand what is happening, I can enjoy it more. So, while this approach certainly worked for me, I could see it as being a bit frustrating for seasoned hockey fans.

The story itself was engaging, and I liked how all the drama/angst came from outside the relationship. The primary focus of the drama came from homophobia, from some surprising sources I may add! But through it all Nick and Jacob mainly communicated with each other and presented a united front.

As I mentioned before, this was my first narration by Nick J Russo. I’m not entirely sure how that happened, but I’m glad I was able to experience his vocal skills. Nick did a wonderful job of bring Nick and Jacob and the rest of the cast to life. With his voices, it was impossible not to genuinely like and care for Nick and Jacob, and he made all the homophobic jerks deliciously… jerky.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience with Ryan Taylor and Joshua Hardwood. Nice Catching You is a lovely ‘out for you’ romance that contains little/no internal relationship angst, with all problems stemming from outside their relationship. I loved how Nick and Jacob communicated. It’s a nice change from books where many of the problems stem from miscommunication and the resulting hurt feelings. If you enjoy jock/nerd college-based romances, it can’t hurt to give this one a go. The audio added an extra element and made everything feel more alive. In book form and/or audio, Nice Catching You was a relaxing way to spend a few hours on the weekend.

Nice Catching You is available in ebook and/or audio

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