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Plaything (My Kinky Housemate #2) ~ Colette Davison

This is a low angst book with some hurt/comfort, with role-play during the sex scenes, including a maid one, a prison one and many others and breath play. Which, if you were to ask me what my definition of a book I want to read is, it would be exactly that. Everything about this book is stuff I love in books and I loved how it was done in this book.

I just read a book that emotionally shattered me. I still don’t feel alright from that reading experience, which is why I can only read books that bring me comfort at the moment. Colette Davison is my go to author for that. Her books are always hits for me and it was definitely the case for this one too.

I had already read this book a couple of weeks ago, but I kept thinking about this book and wanted to re-read it and now was the perfect time for me to do so. And I enjoyed this book as a re-read just as much as I enjoyed it the first time I read it.

I absolutely adore books with a lot of comfort but still low on angst, and a lot of kinky and very hot sex scenes and Colette Davison is one of my favourite writers for that, she always provides me with everything I want in a book.

“I’m yours, Beau. Your plaything, your lover, your partner. Now and hopefully for a long time to come.”

Brief Summary

Beau and Fraser are roommates and they have a rule to not get with their roommates but they cannot resist the pull towards each other and they have sex. But then they keep being attracted to each other and having sex together and they end up falling in love with each other.

First, this book was just so sweet. I absolutely loved the hurt/comfort in this one and how Beau and Fraser were always there for each other and to make each other feel better. These two were just so cute and supportive and I loved reading about them together. This book just made me swoon so much because it was just the sweetest thing.

Second, I really enjoyed the relationship development in this book. I liked how they took their time getting to know each other and how they slowly fell more and more for each other through their interactions. I really loved how their relationship progressed and the simple way in which they fell in love. I thought that that part was so sweet and I really appreciated it.

Third, I loved Beau and Fraser as a couple. They had such good chemistry and they fit together so well. I loved how well they complemented each other and how happy they seemed to make each other.

Fourth, I feel like we need to talk about the sex scenes and the kink in this book because damn were they great. This book has role-play, breath play and a dom and sub relationship, and I just loved all of those scenes so much, they just were perfect to me. I loved how all of the scenes were very diversified and each was even better than the last one, they were just so good to me. This book was just so hot and I absolutely loved that part of the book. I absolutely love sexual role-play in books and it’s rarer to get some in books and this book gave me all of the scenes I was craving, and I loved how much role-play there was in this book. I loved how they had multiple role play scenes and how they were all different from each other. Also, did I mention how there is a maid scene, a prison scene and many more in this book? This was just everything I wanted in a book, and I absolutely loved it. This book was just so hot and yes that might be a big reason why I loved the book, but I’m a simple person, you give me a lot of really hot sex scenes and I more than likely will love your book, and it definitely was the case for this book.

Also, that prison role play sex scene, holy shit that was great. I loved it, so much. It’s seriously one of the best sex scenes I have ever read, it was just that good.

Fifth, I really loved the side plot in this book. It was all about Beau who has a father who isn’t very good to him and it was about how Beau deal with the situation and how he keeps giving his father chances even if he doesn’t deserve them. And the way this topic was handled was just perfect to me and I loved reading about it so much. It was so realistic in the way it was portrayed, and it really worked for me.

I just had the best of time reading this book and it was exactly what I needed at this time in my life.

Plaything is available in ebook and paperback. It is also available via a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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