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Pure Silence ~ K.L. Hiers

Updated: Oct 16, 2022

Jesus. Fucking. Christ.

I needed this book in my life.

This entire multi-author series really appealed to me because it’s MM romances with darker themes and characters who are murderers because they are following a very strong and religious moral code. And that sounds like everything I have ever wanted in my life. I absolutely love darker and more toxic romance books and I’m a sucker for anything that is linked to delusion, mind break, codependency and super toxic romances. And I absolutely love the idea of characters being so delusional and under the influence of religion that it makes them murderers to abide by that moral code.

And this book perfectly captured everything I have ever wanted to read about in a book. If someone told me that K.L. Hiers did a scan of my brain to see everything I wanted to read about and then put it in this book, I wouldn’t even be surprised about it. This book just felt like the perfect pairing of everything I enjoy reading about in books.

“You obey my voice, mine alone. As long as you obey me, you will be my most treasured possession, and I will give you everything that I am.”

Brief Summary

Goldie, a famous wrestler, meets a man named Day. Day is a young man who thinks that his mission in life is he needs to get rid of sinners to please God. Day sees Goldie as an angel put on his way to protect him and he has to make Goldie his, in any way possible.

If you know me, you know that I don’t really like reading longer books because I have a really bad attention span and I always get distracted. But let me tell you, I read this entire 400 pages book in one sitting because there was no way that I could put it down. I was just so invested in this story and that's really a testament to how much I enjoyed this book because that really doesn’t happen to me often.

The romance in this book was just perfect for me, it had everything I was looking for in a romance like this. The romance in this book was more on the toxic side, which is what I prefer, so I loved that. The romance in this book was full of so much delusion, codependency, jealousy and mind break and that was perfect for me. All of these themes were just handled in a way that made the book super enjoyable to read and I just wanted to keep reading the books to see how these themes would develop and play out in the next chapters. I must admit that the romance in this swoon made me swoon, a lot. It was super toxic and overly possessive, but that really worked for me. I just absolutely adored how it was done in this book. Also, I adored how sweet the romance in this book was. It was super toxic and possessive, but it was full of super sweet and tender moments, regardless of that, and I really loved that. That just made the romance so enjoyable to read for me.

“I am going to take you. I am going to spread my seed within you. I am going to baptize you as mine. When I’m done, I am going to kill that man, and you will not stop me.”

I adored Goldie and Day as a couple. They had such a good couple dynamic. It’s not a secret that I absolutely adore when books take the usual dynamic between couples and reverse it around. In this one, Goldie who is 6’7” and a mountain of a man was the more submissive one while Day is small and kind of a twink was the more dominating one and I just adored that. Not only was this such an enjoyable reversal of the typical book tropes but I loved it because of that. It also worked perfectly with the story and the characters. I loved how Goldie just wanted someone who would cherish him and take care of him, and Day did the job perfectly. He was super sweet but also commending and took very good care of Goldie.

I don’t think that I can talk about this book without talking about the sex scenes in this book because holy shit. The sex scenes in this book were just out of this world's levels of good. I think that someone will need to come to scrape my jaw off the floor after I read some of these sex scenes because I just cannot get over how good they were. I also liked how many of them there were, which is plenty, and I liked how they were all varied and included different things, which I loved each and every one of them. This book was just so hot and I adored those scenes.

Delusion is one of my favourite themes in books. Especially when it’s linked with mind break. I just love seeing super delusional characters absolutely believe in something, no matter what happens. And there was so much delusion in this book. Especially from Day and his mission. Day is convinced that he was put on earth by God to murder everyone who does bad things. It’s his one goal in life and he’s all he knows how to do. And I absolutely loved reading about that. That was so fascinating to me and I loved how it was done in the book. I loved how the book went the full-on delusional road where Day thought that this was perfectly normal and he never saw anything wrong with his behaviour. It just made him such a fascinating character to read about and I adored being in his mind and seeing the full scope of his delusion. Reading about someone being this delusional and brainwashed is just one of my favourite topics and I adored how this book handled it, it was perfectly done for me.

Side note, I just loved how Day saw Goldie as his angel, there to save and protect him from everything. That was just so sweet and really fitting with the theme.

“You must learn to trust me. You must trust in me with all of your heart and lean not on your own understanding. You must submit in all ways to me, and I will guide your path for all of your days.”

Also, Goldie is a wrestler and this book contains a lot of callbacks and small references to wrestling. I absolutely adore wrestling and I was so happy to see all of the little references. They’re not something that you need to know to understand the book, but since I knew the topic and understood them, it just gave the book an extra layer for me and it enhanced my reading experience even more.

I just want to mention it. One of the side characters in this book is named Florence and it put the biggest smile on my face every time he was on page because I don’t think I have ever seen a character in a book who has the same name as me and it just made me really happy to see it.

I absolutely adored this book. This was one of the best reading experiences I have had in a long time and I’m so glad I had it. This book just left me shocked and swooning at the same time, due to the events in the book, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. This just made for such an enjoyable reading experience.

Pure Silence is available as an ebook.

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