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Show Me How to Love (Juniper Creek #1) ~ Ray Celar

Ray Celar is a new to me author, and Show Me How to Love is her first book written in English. Having studied a few languages, I know how hard it can be to really express yourself in a second (or third etc) language, but to write a book, and damn good one at that?

Colour me impressed!

Show Me How to love is a beautiful low angst story about a gay, nerdy bookstore owner and his brother's best friend who takes over the real estate agency next door, who isn’t quite as straight as he thought. That premise alone is a lovely story. I love the bi-awakening trope, add in brother’s best friend, and you have a winner!

But Show Me How to Love is a lot more than that. It also has a dark side that is an intricate web of homophobia, horrific assault, and an even more terrible after-assault trauma that involves Avery (the bookstore owner), his brother and parents, and Mason (the not-so-straight real estate owner).

The homophobic assault and the aftermath happen in the past. Although it is often referenced, and there are still lingering effects with individuals and the relationships between them, there is no 'current day' homophobic activity. I would still urge anyone who is sensitive to this topic to make sure they read the trigger warnings at the beginning of the book.

Show Me How to Love has emotional depth. At its core, it is a story about love, trauma, and learning how to move forward the best way a person can. It's about rebuilding relationships and forming new ones. The innocence of youth and innocence destroyed.

This all may seem like the story is a heavy one. It’s not. It has its emotionally intense moments, but it is generally a light and funny story, brimming with romance, a bit of steam, and a feel-good vibe. This story has some fantastic main characters, and it introduces secondary characters, who will feature in their own books, and who I can’t wait to meet and get to know in more depth.

Show Me How to Love is a wonderful reading experience. It may sometimes bring a tear or two to your eye, but it will leave you with a smile. It was fun and emotionally satisfying; an excellent combination that makes it a perfect weekend read.

Show Me How to Love is available as an ebook.

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