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Showstopper (Vino & Veritas #18) ~ Regina Kyle

Showstopper is the final book in the Vino & Veritas series and talk about going out with a bang!

It’s no secret I love the Vino & Veritas series, and although I have my favourites among them, there isn't a single one that I wouldn't read again. It's a seriously fantastic feat that a series with 17 books has maintained its quality in every single title. This achievement is even more remarkable when you consider this is a multi-author series, where there is the even greater challenge of many individuals maintaining the consistency of world-building, tone, style; and never mind character development where they need to preserve the peculiarities of previously occurring personalities while developing their own characters that will fit seamlessly into this world and community!

Regina Kyle is a new to me author, but she's also relatively new to writing MM. Not that you could tell, the relationship between Kolby and Adam flowed smoothly without the minor hiccups or awkwardness you sometimes get when an author switches from MF to MM.

Regina Kyle had some mighty big shoes to fill as the last cab off the rank, and fill them she did. I absolutely loved Showstopper. I'm a sucker for a college sports romance, but it has to be done well, and after having a bit of reading drought in this genre, Showstopper fit the bill nicely.

Regina Kyle engaged me from the first page. Her characters were beautifully developed; it was impossible not to be wholly invested in both Adam and Kolby. The dialogue was intelligent, sharp and witty. The romance was swoon-worthy with enough heat to melt my Kindle without taking over the story.

I was highly impressed with my first experience of Regina Kyle's writing; I will certainly be adding this one to my library. This book was a fitting end to the Vino & Veritas series; it was, in every sense, a Showstopper.

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