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Soren (Vampire's Mate #2) ~ Grae Bryan

The second book in a series that is fast becoming one not to miss!

I've been looking forward to Soren since I read the first book, in the Vampire's Mate series, and I can honestly say I was not disappointed!


The Story:

Gabe Kingman has never been great with his emotions. His disastrous personal life is evidence enough of that. Returning to be a doctor in his small Colorado hometown was supposed to bring him closer to his family, not push them even further away. He’s been slowly working to repair the mistakes he’s made, but his efforts aren’t made any easier by the new existence of vampires in his world. Especially one pesky, annoyingly beautiful vampire in particular.

Soren Iversen never meant to stay in Hyde Park this long. He hasn’t kept himself alive for centuries by letting himself be a sitting duck. But instead of moving on months ago, he’s been kicking his heels in the most boring town in the world, hoping for one stubborn, annoyingly compelling human to pay him even a bit of attention.

When circumstances force the two of them together, Soren’s obsession and Gabe’s unwilling attraction are brought to a head. But Soren has been running for a reason, and the skeletons in his closet threaten to tear the couple apart before they can even begin.


Once Gabe could look past his traumatic experience and get his head around everything that had happened in the last 12 months, he and Soren were perfect for each other. Both felt they could open up and be vulnerable with the other. Where one was weaker, the other was strong etc. The story's primary focus was on the development of the relationship between Soren and Gabe and the introduction of a new character, Jay.

The only thing I would have liked more was the action side of things. It would have been good if the bad guy had more of a role in the book rather than just at the end (like Lucien was a bit more present in Roman). I would have also loved a bit more tension involving Gabe's work colleague, just to add a bit more drama and action!

However, I was utterly engrossed and addicted to this story and kept flipping the pages until it was finished.

Soren could be read as a standalone, but I honestly wouldn't recommend it. There is too much backstory and character development in the first book - Roman - that you really need to fully appreciate Soren. Roman was an absolutely fantastic book, one of my favourites this year, and it's certainly not a hardship to read it first!

I loved every moment, and I can't wait for the next book in the series!

Soren is available as an ebook and via Kindle Unlimited.

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