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Sugar Bunny (My Kinky Housemate #1) ~ Colette Davison

Bunny play and MMM? Yes please, sign me up!

I needed this book in my life and it did not disappoint. Colette Davison is slowly making her way to my favourite author’s list, every book of hers that I read is just exactly my speed and everything I love in a book.

“My heart has swelled to accommodate my love for both of you.”

Brief summary

Ford and Colton are married. Ford is a strict dom and Colton is a switch, which is why they both agree that sometimes Colton can get a sugar baby so he can shower them in gifts and dominate them. In comes Oscar, Colton’s newest sugar baby. Colton and Ford start playing with Oscar, but as time goes on they all fall in love with each other and they end up in a relationship, the three of them together.

First, I love reading MMM books. but sometimes it’s hard for me to get behind the couple as I can feel like one character is less important than the other characters. I never felt that way while reading this book, not once. Ford and Colton were married and they both decided together that Ford could take on a sugar baby and on who that sugar baby would be, which ended up being Oscar and then they both started worship the ground that Oscar walks on. And I loved how everyone felt super equal in the relationship. Not once did I feel like someone wasn’t as important in the relationship and that's truly rare for me when it comes to MMM books, but I just adored the dynamic in this one.

One thing I just loved about their dynamic is how Ford and Colton really read like a married couple, they knew everything about each other and had a dynamic that you only have with someone you’ve been with for a really long time. And I loved how easily they added Oscar to their already existing dynamic, it was just the best.

Side note, I really appreciated how the three of them had chapters in their point of view, that really worked for me.

”Loving Oscar is right and perfect. He belongs with us, and we belong with him. There’s no doubt in my heart about that. We were meant to find each other.”

Second, I loved their dynamic so much. Colton is a switch who wants someone he could dom sometimes but was more than happy to submit to his husband. Ford is strictly a dom and Oscar the bunny who’s also the boy. And they paired so well together, they were just the best pairing for each other and for what they like and want in a relationship. There is also daddy kink in this, which I really loved, it fit their relationship perfectly.

Third, damn sex scenes in this book, they were just so good. I loved how there were a lot of sex scenes and how they were all different from each other, it was just so lovely to read all of them. The sex scenes in this book were just so hot and I adored all of them. Also the bunny play was so good. I just loved every second of it. I absolutely adored that part of the book.

Side note, I just loved how this book put a really big a focus on safewords and checking on how each other were during a scene, it was so lovely to read about. And I loved all of the aftercare in this book too. They’re some parts of kinks I just love seeing in books and they were wonderfully done in this one.

Fourth, I absolutely loved this book but I didn’t really enjoy the side plot about the drama in Oscar’s family. I just don’t really enjoy family drama in books and while that part of the book didn’t change my enjoyment of the book, it just wasn’t my favourite thing to read about. I just would have preferred to read a couple more scenes between Oscar, Ford and Colton instead of that.

All in all I had an amazing time reading this book and I loved it, very much.

Sugar Bunny is available in ebook

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