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Summer Kisses (Kiss Me # 2) ~ Charlie Novak

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Summer Kisses was another incredible story by Charlie Novak. The first half is perhaps a bit more serious than her usual writing, dealing with toxic relationships, drugs and alcoholism. These topics are covered in flashbacks from the points of view of both Josh and Aaron. I loved how the author portrayed a toxic relationship with a depth of feeling on both sides that could survive years of separation, but back then, it was only damaging to them both. Their break gets both of them back on their feet and allows them to have a second chance and the relationship they both deserve.

Ms Novak has once again developed a cast of characters that are very real on the page. The two MCs especially are deeply flawed; these are not your picture-perfect runway specimens. No, both Aaron and Josh have more than enough faults, but they have many strengths too. Both are kind, generous, and loving with everyone around them. Once they get over themselves and take the leap to rekindle their relationship, they are also entirely devoted and soppily romantic.

It's always been you. Since the first night we met, I knew I'd never be able to get enough of you. I love you, Josh.

Summer Kisses kept me engaged; I enjoyed watching the growth of both characters, but especially Aaron. The flashbacks allowed the reader to see what had gone wrong the first time, which allowed an appreciation for just how much both had changed and matured.

Charlie Novak has a writing style I enjoy. Her words flow, and she can capture emotion beautifully so that it's like watching a scene in real life. Summer Kisses can be read as a standalone. Although there are characters from previous books mentioned, it's unnecessary to read their story to understand this one.

I very much enjoyed Summer Kisses, the entire cast of characters are engaging and well developed; they add depth, humour, and a sense of family to the story. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a lovely second-chance romance, with snarky humour, a few steamy scenes, and many many sighworthy romantic moments (from the most unlikely source!) no spoilers!

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