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Summer of Us (Mixed Messages #0.5) ~ Lily Morton

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

This is only my second book by Lily Morton (the first was Merry Measure), and I must admit I'm a fan.

The Summer of Us was a light, easy to read romance. There was a bit of angst, but it was scattered throughout the book and was quickly resolved.

I know quite a few people didn't like the GFY (Gay for You) aspect, thought it was unbelievable that John was only interested in Matt... I didn't see it that way.

Later in the book, John explains that despite his lack of experience, he doesn't want to experiment with other men, he only wants Matt.

Matt was 'his person'.

Given his lack of emotional response in previous relationships, particularly with his wife, who it seems he even barely liked, it sort of points to the fact that he is demi (or at least somewhere on that scale) and that he formed an emotional attachment to Matt and so everything just clicked. Call it chemistry, fate, whatever, it had obviously been there from the first time they met, it just didn't develop until they were one on one for an extended period.

I thoroughly enjoyed Summer of Us and didn't want to put it down. It was full of the humour, love, and genuine characters that seem to be a trademark of this author's works.

I'd highly recommend this title, and I also suggest you check out the free story on the author's website <> which provides an extended scene.

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