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Taken By Storm (Palm Island #2) ~ K.M. Neuhold

The Story:
Chef Storm is moody, antisocial...and he just asked me to be his fake boyfriend.
Most people on the island avoid the hot-tempered chef, but he doesn't scare me. Sure, he's prickly, but I've also caught him feeding a stray cat, so I know there's more to him than the sky-high, barbed-wire fence he's built around himself. When Storm's ex-husband shows up unexpectedly during the off-season and refuses to go home, pretending to be Storm’s boyfriend is apparently my new job. Faking it with my grumpy boss should not be this much fun, especially since the last thing I need is to make a fool of myself by falling for anyone else on the island.
Is there anything more exciting than being swept up in a storm? Maybe taming one…

If I’m looking for a low angst, medium-high heat read with great characters and a storyline that will keep me engaged, K.M. Neuhold is one of the first authors I turn to. Taken By Storm is an excellent example of a good that fits these criteria.

Taken By Storm was such fun to read. Set on an island paradise where the inhabitants are nuts, to say the least! The characters that form the leading group are whacky individuals that tease and taunt each other, but for the most part, they also have each other's backs.

Storm and Hennessey's chemistry was simply off the charts. Storm was grumpy, abrasive, growly, and slightly intimidating on the surface. Storm was still grumpy and growly for those he allowed beneath the surface, but he was also affectionate and cared deeply. Hennessey, in comparison, was sunshine personified, but he had been hurt and humiliated in the past, which definitely dampened his glow. Together though, Storm and Hennessey shine.

K.M. Neuhold has a knack for creating a full spectrum of characters, from the quiet, nerdy types to the outlandish extroverts and everything in between. All though have a core that you can’t help but become attached to. Her characters make you wish they were living, breathing people and that they were your best friends.

Taken By Storm is a hilarious low angst story that still has a lot of action to keep you engaged and flipping the pages. It is also on the higher end of the heat spectrum and will have you laughing with delight one minute, sighing at the romance the next, then maybe just turning a little pink in the cheeks.

This book can be read as a standalone; it is not necessary to have read the first book in the series to enjoy this one. However, if you have read the first, you will have more background information on the characters and situations discussed. However, not having this knowledge will not affect your enjoyment of this title.

Taken by Storm was engaging, addictive and just plain fun. I'd highly recommend it to anyone looking for a relaxing read.

Taken By Storm is available as an ebook and/or audio. It is also available via a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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