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Tentacle Tales (Anthology) ~ M.A. Innes, Lorelei M. Hart, Toby Wise, and Jennifer Cody

I love anthologies because they always allow me to discover new to me authors that I probably wouldn’t have read if it wasn’t for the anthology. But mostly, this one had me at tentacles. Say the word tentacles when it comes to romance novels and I’m here for it, always. To me, nothing is more effective at making a romance novel hotter than tentacles, there is just something special about them.


Your Mate ~ MA Innes Rating: 3.5 stars Blurb: Evan is applying for a job to do porn. There, he meets Artie, an alien who has tentacles. Artie takes a liking to him and wants to work with him and take him on dates. They end up falling in love. Themes: lots and lots of tentacles themed sex My thoughts: This story was so much fun to read. I loved their interactions so much. They were just so ridiculous and full of banter and they made me laugh a lot, which is always appreciated. I spent most of this story laughing out loud at the antics that both main characters were up to, this one was just so much fun to read. The second that Artie sees Evan, he knows that he is his mate and wants to be with him. I loved how Evan was so devoted to Artie, and how all Artie wanted was to be with Evan. I love when a main character sees someone once and then claims them as theirs and it was the case here and I really enjoyed that. This story was also very hot, which is always a very good thing in my book.


Squid Pro Quo ~ Lorelei M. Hart Rating: 3 stars Blurb: Wade is a human omega who falls in love with Hurley, an octopus shifter. Themes: shifter, mpreg My thoughts: I really liked the setting of this one. It was very nicely described and it was a lot of fun to read. The romance in this one was just so sweet. It was very cute and I really enjoyed reading about it because of that. It just put the biggest grin on my face due to how cute it was. These two characters were just so sweet together and I loved all of their interactions, they were just so cute. This story was very cute and quite entertaining.


Kraken’s Mate ~ Jennifer Cody Rating: 4 stars Blurb: Soren goes for a test drive in a submersible in the Atlantic. There, he gets kindnapped by a kraken, named Cam, and they fall in love. Themes: mythology, kraken My thoughts: I absolutely love stories where one of the main characters sees the other and he just has to have him. This was the case for Cam, who saw Soren once and knew that he had to kidnap him so he could have him. And I just loved that, so much. This one was just so much fun. I adored both Cam and Soren as characters and they were delightful to read about. I just loved their persona so much. And these two had such good banter, it was just so lovely to read all about it. Also, I just loved reading from Cam’s pov, he was just so into Soren and so obsessed with him and I loved that. I just enjoyed reading this story, a lot. It was just such a nice time. And I loved how intricate and well built the world was. This story was just an absolute joy to read and I very much enjoyed it.

Tentacle Tales is available as an ebook.

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