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The Faker Rulebook ~ Baylin Crow

I read this book in one sitting, never mind that it was a work night; I couldn't put it down until I turned the last page at 2am!!

This book will not break any records for originality, but it is funny, feelgood, light, just a bit of drama to keep things interesting, some beautifully emotional scenes and some heat.

I loved both Noah and Rook. Noah's reaction, even until near the end, was perfectly understandable. There is no way he could really understand just what was going on with Rook. As for Rook, once he understood, accepted, and acknowledged he'd felt that way for a long time, he was all in. It was nice to be in his head, too, to see him question his attraction, despite his cocky and confident exterior.

Rook's behaviour had an edge of desperation in him to keep Noah by his side in any capacity, but unlike in other books with a similar theme, it never felt like he was exploring the romantic/sexual side of the relationship only because he was terrified he was going to lose Noah, it felt natural and simply an acceptance of feelings that had been there all along.

In a way, this was a true gay-for-you story because the feeling you get off Rook is that these feelings are for Noah alone. It's his connection to Noah that forges the romantic/sexual feelings, not an attraction to men in general. It feels like if Noah turned him away, he wouldn't look at another guy; it was Noah or no one.

This is a new to me author, and I really enjoyed their writing style and sense of humour. I'll certainly be investigating their backlist.

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