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Their Boy (The Game #2) ~ Cara Dee

Updated: Jan 29, 2022

I will be honest, I have read the next book in this series, Breathless, many times and it's one of my favourite books ever, but I had never read this book before now, I just didn't think that I would enjoy it as much as I wanted to, so I just never reached for it, which I really regret now because turns out that this book was pretty much the perfect book for me, I enjoyed every second and I just want more of it, exactly like this one.

Brief summary

Kit was in a car accident about a year ago and he’s left with a ton of scars that he covered up with tattoos, but he is insecure and doesn't interact with many people. He attends a local BDSM munch where he stares at Colt and Lucas (who are married) and they both make an effort to talk to him. Turns out that Colt and Lucas are two doms who have always been looking for a boy that they could call theirs, and that boy is Kit.

First, I absolutely adored the characters in this book. I loved Colt so much. He is a sadist, and he is a stern no nonsense dom that is really confident but in a playful and good way and I love those characters in books, so I really enjoyed his character. He was also super sweet and showed how much he cares for Lucas and Kit through his every action. I also loved Lucas. He was a more nurturing and caring daddy that showed his care and it was so damn sweet to read about. I just adored Lucas when he was in a super protective mood, he was so protective of his men, and it was the sweetest thing to read about. I also adored Kit. I really liked how feisty Kit is, but never in a bad way, he just loved teasing his daddies. He was such a good character to read from his point of view. Being in his head and experiencing his feelings was quite lovely. I also liked seeing Kit as a little, he let go of all his worries and it was so precious to read about.

“Kit,” [...] “My beautiful boy.” [...] “You should enjoy what’s happening, baby. I know it’s scary, but we’re not going anywhere."

Second, the relationship in this book. Kit, Colt and Lucas all felt equal in the relationship and it never felt like one of them was more important or more cared for. In a lot of MMM books I often feel like the three of them don’t feel equal, but it wasn’t the case in this book. Everyone felt super equal to me, and they all contributed to the relationship in different ways. Everyone interacted with everyone, and Colt and Lucas were very different types of daddies, so they didn't use the same techniques on Kit because of that. The balance of everything worked so well for me. Also, I adored their communication, how they talked about their problems as soon as there was one and they found ways to solve it or make it better, together.

“When you need something, you will come to us.”
“When you’ve had a long day and need to be little, you won’t hesitate.”
“We own you, Kit. You’re ours. You belong to us—now and for the rest of our goddamn lives.”

Side note, I loved the bond between Colt and Lucas, and how good they were together. They always wanted a boy to adore. They loved each other, but they were so excited to have a boy of their own to take care of and their bond easily expanded to Kit too. That was just perfect to me.

Third, how much focus this book put on comfort. Due to Kit's accident and the scars on his body, he felt insecure and he just needed a lot of comfort and cuddles. Colt and Lucas spent a lot of time making Kit feel loved and cared for. There was so much comfort in this book, and it made my heart melt so much.

Fourth, I love tattoos and hearing about them and how the characters in books got their tattoos and how the tattoos matter to them. Kit had a lot of tattoos, and they all had a meaning to him.

Fifth, the banter in this book was perfect to me. Kit was always teasing his daddies and I especially loved how Kit always made jokes about Colt being a fighter pilot, those were just the best to me.

“How many fighter pilots does it take to change a lightbulb?” […] “Just one. He holds the bulb, and the world revolves around him.”

Side note, I loved how much talk about planes there was in this book. Kit was obsessed with them, and Colt flew them and they bonded over that. That was so sweet.

Sixth, I loved the sex scenes in this book so much. They were so damn hot, and I had a good time reading all of them, they all were absolutely perfect to me.

Seventh, there was a perfect ratio of sex scenes to bonding scenes for me. They all spent time together getting to know each other. We also got so many scenes of the three of them spending time together as a couple. There was so many of them in the book and I absolutely adored them. I swooned so much while reading those scenes. We got to see the small relationship moments like them getting ice cream with sprinkles for Kit because it’s his favourite, or them dancing together in the kitchen. It’s rare that we get all of those small moments in books and there were so many of them.

Eight, how the kink was done in this book. There was such a big focus on safe and consensual sex scenes and that they talked about scenes before they happened to make sure that everyone felt safe during them and that everyone wanted to do them. Colt and Lucas asked Kit for his safewords to make sure that everything was going well and that he wanted to continue the scene. Especially the primal play scene at the end of the book, which was done so well. Primal play is all about a predator chasing his prey and the prey is meant to be scared but know that they can use their safeword and end the scene at any moment and the way that that was shown in this book was absolutely lovely to me. Also, the book focused on aftercare and on making Kit feel better and loved after a scene.

Side note, I really loved how all of Colt and Lucas’ rules and punishments were always about important things, they were just there to help Kit take care of himself and to make sure that he felt better than he used to. That really showed how much they care about him and how they just want him to have a life that he enjoys.

Ninth, the age play aspects of this book. I loved the exploration of Kit being a little and how he regressed during certain scenes, it was so fun to read about. His daddies were always there to take care of him during those scenes too.

Tenth, I adored the way this book ended and closed all the little plots, it was absolutely wonderful. The ending was so satisfying to me.

I loved this book so much and I feel like I’m going to be on a forever quest to find more books just like this one because I need more of this in my life.

Their Boy by Cara Dee is available now on Amazon via Kindle Unlimited or for purchase -

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