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The Best Men │Falcon and the Foe │ One Would Be Enough

The Best Men ~ Sarina Bowen & Lauren Blakely

I was a fan of Sarina Bowen and Lauren Blakely long before I started reading MM. Both authors have the ability to blend humour and emotion, producing a light but meaningful story. Such is the case with The Best Men. I found this book to be an addictive and engaging read.

The writing flowed well, and even though there were two authors, it was almost impossible to identify where one of them stopped and the other started. Their writing styles blended flawlessly into a cohesive whole.

I loved both Mark and Asher. I found Asher's point of view particularly interesting as the playboy seriously considers his life choices and is charmingly insecure.

I think there is only one thing that is not made clear enough anywhere in the book. It is VITAL that the prequel novella, Super Hot Wingman, is read before this book.

The prequel is free on Amazon (at the time of this review). The entire story is set up in this prequel, and the book takes off immediately from it. Although The Best Men could be read without it, it is a much poorer experience, and you miss the considerable story build-up and a lot of humour.

TL:DR – read the prequel first!

I thoroughly enjoyed my The Best Men experience; the story hit all my buttons at a time when I was looking for a light, funny, romantic, but absorbing read. The Best Men fit the bill perfectly.

The Best Men ~ book and/or audio

Super Hot Wingman ~ book

The Falcon and the Foe (Single Dads Club #1)

~ A.J. Truman

A.J. Truman is a new to me author, and I was thoroughly charmed by The Falcon and the Foe. I love books where the MCs are older, as in both of them, not age gaps. There are simply not enough, and even fewer can capture the 'real' 'ordinary' man rather than some sort of business mogul or billionaire etc.

Strangely as neither a man or a parent, I was able to identify with both Cal and Russ. I can understand and appreciate Russ' perfectionism and need for control, but on the other hand, I feel that if I was a parent, I'd also exhibit many of Cal's traits. I loved both men, but I think I leaned a little more to Cal. It was hard not to sympathise with a man simply trying to survive and do the best he could by his son. Watching him having to deal with the snobby parents was a bit heartbreaking.

This book is the ultimate enemies to lovers story. Russ is quite positive that Cal is an unworthy parent, not realising what is happening behind the scenes in Cal's life. Similarly, Cal thinks Russ' life is 'perfect'. Both men need to learn to bend. This hostility is the source of much of the humour, and I found myself smiling at many points in the story.

The fact that this book made me feel so strongly for both characters is a testament to the author's writing skills. I honestly loved every moment of this book, especially watching Russ and Cal grow and learn that they both had to make changes to their lives and outlooks and that they were stronger together.

Although this was my first book by A.J. Truman, it won't be my last, I will certainly be checking out their backlist. I am very much looking forward to the next book in the series.

The Falcon and the Foe ~ ebook or paperback

One Would Be Enough ~ Holly Day

This is the second book I have read by Holly Day where the stories commemorate an International 'Day of'. This time it was Make Your Dreams Come True Day (13th January). I had precisely the same problem with One Would Be Enough that I did with the previous title - - - it wasn't long enough!

This author makes me care so much about these characters and the world that I don't want to leave it. A novella is simply not enough to satisfy my interest and love for these characters. This story is not lacking in depth or characterisation; the fact that she can cause such strong feelings in a reader towards her characters in a smaller page count is testament to her skill.

One Would be Enough is a complete story and wonderfully fulfilling; I just want more of Teo and Jerico. This was such an exciting world, and I would have happily stayed for more. However, short is often sweet, and I absolutely loved every moment of this book. I can't wait for the next title in the series.

One Would Be Enough ~ book

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