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Undone (Vino & Veritas #17) ~ Leslie McAdam

Three book cover images of Leslie McAdam's Undone

Undone is the 17th book in the Vino and Veritas series. I love that this book was based on a viral story on Reddit about the oblivious roommate who thinks he's suddenly turned homophobic when he is actually just jealous as hell. Leslie McAdam is a new to me author, but I think she did an excellent job of bringing this story to life.

I really enjoyed the story; it was sweet and funny. We were introduced to Murph as the flamboyant roommate and best friend to Reeve Hale from Marley Valentine's Unforgettable (book 16). He suited the big but soft-centred Jason. Watching Jason's very slow realisation that what he was feeling was attraction and jealousy rather than an out of nowhere case of homophobia was lovely to watch.

There was just one little thing that irked me, Murph's character seemed to be a complete dichotomy. He was actually quite manipulative at certain points. Even if he was only half-serious, his inner thoughts to 'turn Jason gay' just didn't sit right. On the other hand, he was absolutely guilt-ridden and distraught that he had somehow tricked Jason into wanting to be with him. The two sides didn't match up. It was like he had a cartoon devil and angel sitting on each shoulder, whispering what he should do. Even if it was sometimes intense, his flirting was more than okay; it was when it became a little more sinister that it started to get my back up. Murph is a sweet character at his centre, but this little sidestep just didn't sit right with me. However, it didn't last long, and it didn't stop me from enjoying the story as a whole.

By now, the Vino and Veritas world is well established, and each book is like coming home. I loved touching base with many of the characters that appeared in earlier books. This author did a great job of keeping that friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Leslie McAdam is a new to me author, but I'll certainly be testing out some of her other books. I enjoyed her writing style and humour; the story flowed well and kept me engaged. Her characters were lovely and genuine, and I really only wanted the best for them.

Overall, Undone was a lovely addition to the Vino and Veritas world, and I'd recommend checking it out.

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