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Where He Ends and I Begin (Home # 3) ~ Cardeno C.

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

This was a beautiful, extremely romantic and passionate story.

This is definitely of a story of soul mates, or fated mates. It seems like the stars aligned for these two to get together, even to the point of making their mothers share such a special bond. It's definitely a case of 'meant to be', and it's such a beautiful fantasy.

A lot of people seemed to not like the repeating of scenes from alternate points of view. For me, this story was so character driven that it worked. I loved seeing the same scenes from both Nate and Jake's perspectives. How they saw things so differently, yet at the heart, the emotion was the same. So many times I'm reading a book and I'd love to know what a character was thinking in a particular scene. You don't have to wonder here, and it adds depth to the story.

This book revolves around Nate and Jake. There is only limited outside action, more to do with Jake's job than anything else. Secondary characters, such as Nate's friends are very much present, but it is Jake and Nate that hold centre stage in every scene. In this context, the alternating POVs with the same scene work, plus often the scene starts at a different point in the story, giving more information and context.

Do I want to read this type of repeated scene, alternating POV in every book I read? No way, but for me, for this story, it worked. If you're a true romantic like me, I'd highly recommend it.

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