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Yearning (Leather & Chrome #3) ~ Kiki Clark

I reached for this book because I’ve been really stressed lately, and I just wanted something sweet that would provide me with a lot of cute moments, comfort and kink and this book gave me exactly just that. I told myself that I would only read a couple of chapters when I started this book, but I was so into it that I read this book in one sitting, which doesn’t happen often for me now a days. So it really tells you how much I was into this book. I’m in the middle of doing my university finals so I’m all about low angst books with a lot of hurt/comfort lately. Especially if there is kink in them. Those are my absolute favourites, and they always act as the best distraction from my day-to-day life. This book was very low on angst and just full of super romantic moments that made me swoon and some hot sex scenes that I just loved reading. Basically, this book was perfect for this time in my life, and I just loved it, a lot.

Brief summary Kenneth is lonely and he wants someone to care for him. He meets a hot biker that he thinks would be perfect for the job. Turns out that they are made for each other, and they fall in love.

“You’re going to be more of a handful than I thought, sweet boy,” […] “Don’t worry. My hands are big enough for the job.”

First, I absolutely loved the relationship between Kenneth and Hudson, it just made me swoon so much and it was just so sweet. I loved how much they care for each other and how they were always there for each other. I just loved how they were each other’s priorities and how they would do everything for each other. Kenneth was just so sweet and just wanted to please and Hudson was just so accepting and accommodating, they were just a lovely pair together and they complimented each other so well. Also, Kenneth was very anxious, and he worried a lot. I loved how Hudson was always reassuring him and making sure that Kenneth had nothing to worry about. Second, my absolute favourite type of main characters in books are really possessive, I just love them so much. And Hudson was really protective of Kenneth, and I absolutely loved that. That just worked so well for me, and I loved reading all about it. And I loved how Kenneth was also really possessive of Hudson, that really worked for me.

“And who’s in charge tonight, boy?” […] “You.” […] “That’s right. And my rule is I get to tell you all the wonderful things I like about you as I take care of you.”

Third, I really loved how the kink was done in this one. Hudson was just the kind of dom I love in books. He was so sweet and just wanted to take care of Kenneth. I loved how he was dominating but also just wanted what is best for Kenneth. I loved how he always wanted to take care of Kenneth and always did everything so that Kenneth was happy. And Kenneth was exactly the kind of sub I love in books. He was just so sweet, and he just wanted to please and I absolutely loved reading about that. Their power exchange was just really lovely to read about and I loved it, so much. And I loved how they slowly explored different kinks to see what worked best for them. And the steamy scenes were really hot. And included shibari and an anal hook, which are always a big plus in my book. Everything about this part of the book really worked for me. Fourth, the start of this book showed Kenneth who was alone and lonely, and he just wanted someone to care for him and then Hudson swooped in and did just that and it was just so heart whelming to me. It made me so sad to see how alone Kenneth was and I loved seeing all the comfort that Hudson provided and how he gave Kenneth everything he has ever wanted. That was just so sweet to me, and I adored it. And Kenneth didn’t have friends and he just wanted some people in his life who would enjoy him and care for him. A lot of the book was about Kenneth finding his found family and that was just the sweetest thing to me, I just loved it so much.

“All I know is… I want to be important. To be someone’s priority.” […] “I want to be cared for.” […] “I want to be owned.”

Fifth, this book has a little hurt and a lot of comfort. Reading this book made me so emotional. It wasn’t even really sad or anything, but I just felt so bad for the characters and what they were going through, and it just made me cry a lot. I just wanted to hug them all. Which is why I really appreciated how much comfort there was in this book. I just had the best time reading this book. It made me swoon so much and it was just everything I wanted it to be. This book was such a lovely reading experience for me, and I just adored it so much.

Yearning is available as an ebook. It is also available via a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

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