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As the resident word nerd I have a very eclectic taste in books. I’m open to just about any genre (with a few exceptions, see below). I have a very open mind and enjoy new experiences, so if you think your book and I will be a good match, please contact me. As a guide though, here is a list of criteria I generally accept in a book:


  • Fantasy – High, Urban, and Dark
  • Romance – Contemporary, Paranormal, Historical, Time travel, comedy,etc
  • Suspense/Thrillers
  • Historical
  • Literary fiction
  • Women’s Fiction
  • Non fiction – history (primarily ancient to early modern), (auto)biographies/memoirs, true stories.

Reading Age Range:

  • From Young Adult to Erotica.  Generally mid/late high school onwards.  Anything promoted towards younger readers is usually not read (Harry Potter being the eternal exception!)
  • Primarily focused on New Adult – Adult, especially when it comes to the romance genre.


  • Horror – a wuss to the core, I just can’t read them and still sleep at night.
  • Science Fiction – this one is open to exceptions, but I’ll generally pass on a straightforward SF book.
  • Tragic or bittersweet endings.  I generally won’t read these unless the book is part of a series and it’s an ending for now but the final book will be a HEA.
  • Same with main character death, I will avoid it unless a)it’s done very well, and b) the ultimate ending is a happy one.
  • Hardcore BDSM and kinks, dubious consent etc.  Similarly, erotica that is PWP. Generally pass on menage, unless very well done and is part of  a well developed plot.
  • Religious fiction, LGBTIQ fiction.

Publishing Method:

The Word Nerd Reviews will consider both mainstream publisher and self-published works.   However, if self-published please make sure that it has had at least one read through by a professional proof-reader or editor.   I can, and will, ignore the odd typo or misphrase, but a book that is full of these errors distracts from the story and impacts the enjoyment of the novel.

Formats Accepted:

  • Electronic completed books or ARCs in either epub or mobi format.  I’m more than happy to accept books via Netgalley, Instafreebie etc.
  • Printed books or bound galleys. I absolutely adore printed books and it is my favourite format, but please be aware that I am in Australia and take this into account when considering deadlines and costs. Please contact me via reviews AT thewordnerdreviews Dot com for my postal address.